Dr. Fazylova

and Lifestyle Architect

An Aesthetic Skin and Laser Specialist, she is ANCC Board Certified in Adult Health as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

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Dr. Lipnitsky

Top Chiropractors

Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky is an International Speaker, a Holistic Functional Movement Expert and Wellness Mentor – is America’s leading expert in lifelong, optimized, pain free living.

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Dr. Lipnitsky
Dr. Fazylova

Manhattan’s Premier Aesthetics & Wellness Center

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Sex in the City: Yes, it’s Possible.

It’s far more normal than you think. Every day, people are working their way toward sexual wellness. Sex In The City is a collection of stories inspired by our many patients, of success and triumph, overcoming their sexual challenges, improving their relationships, and enjoying their lives to the fullest. Your best days of intimacy and fulfillment are ahead. Welcome to Sex In The City written by Dr. Natalya Fazylova and Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky available on amazon today.


your path to longevity

Dr. Arkady Aaron, Dr. Natalya Fazylova and our experienced staff at our leading NYC ReBalance Clinic look forward to assisting you with discreet, personalized care to meet your medical and aesthetic needs. Our standard of excellence ensures personalized care from a board-certified team of nurses, aestheticians and laser specialists trained in multiple sub-specialties to provide our clinically proven proprietary holistic health in a friendly and compassionate environment.

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PRP Hair Restoration NY Special Offer – $500

At ReBalance NY, our prices typically fall within the range of $500 to $1500 per session depending on the specific treatment plan. We also offer select hair growth therapy plans starting at the lower end of the range, between $500 and $700 per session. These plans require only a few sessions in total, offering significant savings while delivering effective results in hair restoration. Don’t hesitate to reach out today and inquire about our exclusive PRP Hair Restoration Therapy Promotion priced at just $500 per treatment. Not only is this offer competitively priced, but it also ensures top-notch quality and expertise in the field.

Get Started (212) 380-1764

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Integrative Medicine And Anti-Aging Center

online pharmacy with best prices today in the USA
online pharmacy with best prices today in the USA
  • ReBalance Anti-Aging center is the best Holistic Wellness, Functional and Integrative Clinic located in the heart of New York City.
  • We believe in an integrative approach that evaluates you as a whole, identifies the root cause of the disease, and alleviates not only the symptoms but the sickness itself.
  • Rebalance Center is led by Leaders in Integrative Medicine & Holistic Health -Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky and Dr. Natalya Fazylova.
  • Our team of the best holistic health practitioners combined their expertise to create a revolutionary program that diagnoses and treats the most challenging chronic conditions.
  • Combining the latest and cutting-edge technology with our unique approach, we offer natural treatment for Hormonal Imbalances, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Memory and Concentration Problems, PRP Hair Loss, Weight Loss, and much more.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has gained significant attention in the medical and aesthetic fields for its regenerative properties. This innovative treatment utilizes the healing power of platelets found in your blood to stimulate tissue repair and regeneration. Platelets are rich in growth factors and cytokines that play a crucial role in promoting cell proliferation and tissue regeneration. We understand the profound impact hair health has on your confidence and identity. Our PRP hair loss treatments in Manhattan are here to help you obtain thicker and longer strands of hair. 

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