Along with joint pain, do you hear a clicking or cracking sound when you flex the joint? That’s a sure sign of arthritis. It doesn’t have to be the beginning of a long, painful ordeal; it can end with a proven arthritis treatment. Pick the treatment that best serves you.

Arthritis, no matter which joint is affected, limits your participation in your workplace, in your favorite hobbies, and in your favorite sports activities. Does your arthritis stop you from enjoying life? Don’t let it get the best of you. Get the best of the disease!

If a joint — like your hand or knee — feels stiff after you’ve been inactive for a period of time, such as when you wake up, you may have arthritis. You can do more than morning stretches. Get treatment to stop the progression of your arthritis today!

The Pain Gradually Gets Worse

Pain is the most common symptom of this insidious disease. It doesn’t appear overnight, though; that’s what makes arthritis so sneaky. Your pain gets worse ever so slowly, from an occasional twinge to a full-blown, joint-freezing attack. It may not be until your joint hurts every time you move it that you realize you’re suffering from arthritis.

Early detection is possible if you maintain regular visits to your doctor or join a health-focused program like ReBalance 360, which is a total body-and-mind integrative health program. Most frequently, you feel the effects of the disease after periods of inactivity or overuse. Other symptoms include:

  • Joints that feel stiff or painful
  • A limited range of motion that improves as you warm up
  • A cracking or clicking sound when you flex the joint
  • Swelling at the joint site
  • Pain that gets worse as the day progresses
  • Pain that gets worse after exertion or exercise

Arthritis Can Affect Any Joint

You become more susceptible to arthritis as you age because you’ve been using your joints longer, slowly wearing them down. Time and overuse wear away the protective cartilage that helps lubricate your joints and keep your bones from rubbing against each other. While it can hit any of your joints, arthritis is more common in overused joints, such as:

  • Your knees. In addition to the pain, it’s common to hear a grating sound when you bend your knee.
  • Your hips. You may feel the pain in the front, around your groin, or in the back, in your buttocks.
  • Your shoulders. The pain strikes the top of your shoulder, near the collarbone.
  • Your back. Arthritis weakens your vertebrae, which may then suffer compression fractures.
  • Your fingers. Besides pain at the base of your thumb, your fingers may swell, redden and become tender.
  • Your feet. You may notice swelling around your ankle or toes, along with pain in the joints of your big toe.

Effective Treatments End Your Pain

Different types of arthritis — and there are more than 100 — may require different types of treatments. Your affected joint — whether it’s your ankle, hip, or shoulder — also may point to a particular procedure. Still, ReBalance employs a systemic approach to treatment, starting with the least invasive procedure. More advanced techniques are used only if necessary. Treatment options include:

  • Regenerative massage therapy
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Platelet-rich plasma regenerative injections
  • Regenerative joint medicine
  • Interarticular and interstitial regenerative laser treatment
  • Hyaluronic acid replacement therapy injections, a natural supplementation technique that helps lubricate your joints
  • Prolotherapy
  • Homeopathy injections, using natural ingredients to help heal your joints and ease your pain
  • Unique soft tissue, bone, and joint manipulation and stretching therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory iontophoresis therapy, effective treatment for joint pain
  • Regenerative Shockwave therapy
  • Multispectral cold laser treatment, a leading-edge laser treatment, especially useful for knee arthritis
  • Trigger point dry needling
  • Myers cocktail intravenous infusions
  • Individualized regimen of supplements
  • A supervised, targeted exercise program, that benefits your overall health as well

No matter where arthritis is hurting you, you can get treatments that target not only your pain but also the root cause of that pain. Schedule a consultation with a specialist at ReBalance today and leave the pain behind.

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