It’s getting closer to that time of the year…you want to look your best and Botox is a great start. Call us for our latest Botox promotions, existing clients ask us about our special Botox packages. We are looking forward to see you at ReBalance for your Botox session.

Botox treatment varies in length depending on how many target areas you have in mind and how much skin correction is desired. On average, one treatment takes approximately 15-25 minutes. The injection is performed by a medical professional who is licensed and authorized to administer Botox, with extensive hands-on experience. With our office’s experienced medical aestheticians, and with the help of the industry’s latest techniques and methods, we can ensure that your treatment will be performed in a safe and meticulous manner.

Since there is no downtime (you can even get it done during your lunch break!), no one would even know you have had it done!

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