Arm Pain

Has your chronic arm pain been bothering you for months? No matter how you move your arm, you can’t find a comfortable spot. Maybe even the over-the-counter pain medicine has stopped working. Stop suffering and relieve your pain for good!

If you’re worried about pain or lack of mobility in one of your arms, visit ReBalance physical therapy center right away. Arm issues don’t go away on their own, and your pain may be a symptom of a serious condition.

Whether you’re feeling numbness or sharp pain, the leading-edge treatments offered by ReBalance address the source of your pain. Natural solutions are available too. Don’t just hide your symptoms; get a real cure. Find out how to heal chronic pain for good!

Stop your chronic arm pain at the source!

Arm Pain Troubles

The symptoms of arm pain depend on what’s causing them. The pain may come and go, or it may always bother you. If you’ve had to deal with it for at least three months, then it’s considered chronic. Your pain may be burning, throbbing, aching, shooting, pinching stabbing, or poking. A trained arm pain treatment doctors at Rebalance are familiar with the signs of chronic pain. These warning signs should be evaluated by your pain specialist or our renowned arm pain management doctors at Rebalance.

When you’re hurting, your symptoms may include:

  • Pain in the elbow when moving or bending your arm
  • Pain when you lift your arm
  • Pain that intensifies with exertion
  • Changing levels of pain
  • Swelling accompanied by severe pain
  • Numbness, weakness, or tingling in your arm
  • Pain in one or both arms

Why Your Arm Hurts All the Time

Chronic arm pain is a common condition in men that can make it difficult to focus on anything other than how uncomfortable you feel. You use your arms in so many ways and for so many different purposes, from lifting and reaching to grasping and writing. When it hurts, it can stop you in your tracks.

Chronic arm pain sometimes starts after a trauma or sports injury. Other times, it’s harder to determine what brought on your condition. Your dominant arm is the one you’re most likely to injure, especially if you use it for repetitive movements. Your pain can be acute or chronic:

  • Acute pain comes on suddenly and is most often caused by an accident or injury. Acute pain may be short-lived.
  • Chronic pain usually develops more slowly and lasts longer. It may keep coming back in episodes.

Diseases, such as arthritis or peripheral vascular disease, can cause chronic arm pain. The most common conditions that can lead to pain in your arm include:

  • Joint injury, damage, or disease
  • Compressed nerve
  • Nerve degeneration
  • Muscle strains or sprains
  • Ligament strains
  • Bone fractures

Find out why your arm hurts all the time!

A Medical Approach to Treating Chronic Arm Pain

At ReBalance, your doctor chooses a treatment based on what’s triggered your arm pain. He may recommend prescription pain killers or muscle relaxants, but we have access to a wide range of treatment options, including some natural remedies. The goal is to stop your pain at the source.

Once you get a diagnosis, you can decide on treatment. We may be able to offer natural procedures along with leading-edge medical treatments. If your arm pain isn’t from a fracture that requires surgery, you might consider other forms of degenerative joint medical treatment for chronic arm pain available through ReBalance, such as:

  • Platelet-rich plasma injections
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Trigger point dry needling
  • Sports medicine for injuries

Join ReBalance 360 to Improve Your Overall Health

ReBalance 360 offers an executive health program that approaches health from a 360-degree viewpoint. Once you join, you have access to tests and procedures designed to get and keep you healthy, from top to bottom. It includes resolving your chronic arm pain.

As a member, you get special benefits. For example, some of the ways we’ll help you include:

  • Teaching you the exercises you should be doing
  • Helping you achieve your optimal weight
  • Providing you nutritional consultation
  • Building up your arm strength

We want to help! Get relief from your arm pain with our help and start participating in life again.

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