Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain can feel all-encompassing since it affects multiple areas of your life. Your pain can come and go or be a constant presence. It may feel like a dull ache or a constant throbbing, a squeezing sensation, or a stinging, burning soreness. The pain takes a tremendous amount of energy to live with on a daily basis.

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Join the men who’ve freed themselves from the limitations of chronic pain.

Where Does It Hurt?

Pain is a subjective experience. Because there isn’t a comprehensive way to measure pain, your doctor must rely on the information you provide. Pain can occur anywhere in your body. If it lasts longer than twelve weeks, it’s termed chronic pain. Pain can come from any number of sources, including an initial injury or an ongoing illness. It can even continue after healing occurs. You may not even know where it originated.

The consequences of long-term chronic pain conditions have the potential to spread to other areas of your life. Discomfort often restricts movement, which can lead to a decrease in stamina and strength, increasing the chances for the pain to grow stronger. Limited movement and flexibility also curtail many of your normal, enjoyable activities and can lead to disability, despondency, and depression.

Areas Affected by Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can occur anywhere in your body. Even in the absence of a possible source, your brain may continue to fire signals through your nervous system, causing pain to become a chronic and significant issue. Areas where men consistently report that kind of persistent discomfort include:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Chronic hip pain
  • Chronic knee pain
  • Chronic leg pain
  • Chronic shoulder pain
  • Chronic arm pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Nerve damage
  • Infections

Most men think they just have to buckle up and learn to live with the pain and restricted movement, even as other, accompanying conditions arise. Long-term chronic pain may give rise to:

  • Sexual dysfunction concerns either from the pain or medications taken for relief
  • Fatigue and sleep disorders
  • Depression and anxiety from lack of sleep, adjusting to pain levels, and restricted activities
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight loss due to pain’s effect on appetite
  • Mental illness
  • Memory loss
  • Weakness in affected areas

No matter where your chronic pain occurs, you can get help!

Treatment Goals at ReBalance

Chronic pain often can’t be cured. The treatment goal is to reduce the immediate feelings of pain, find management techniques that help control the perception of pain and increase movement to maintain or return flexibility. We work to help you resume normal day-to-day activities. Treatment may include a combination of:

  • Medications, including pain relievers from over-the-counter to prescription-strength, anti-depressants for anxiety or mood issues, and muscle relaxants to control spasms  and help with sleep
  • Physical therapy to stretch and tone muscles, which returns your tone and flexibility
  • Nerve blocks to control or alleviate pain
  • Massage to increase blood flow to your muscles

No two individuals are the same; the way you experience pain is unique. Finding the correct combination of therapies is an essential part of your ReBalance experience. Depending on where your pain is located and its possible source, we understand how to find the best combination for your chronic pain needs.

Treatment Decisions to End Chronic Pain

You are your own best health advocate. Straightforward, honest communication helps us immeasurably in this process, improving your hope and ability to stay healthy and as active as possible in light of your discomfort. A few of the treatment options that you may be offered at ReBalance include:

  • Regenerative joint procedures
  • Platelet-rich plasma
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Dry needling
  • Massage
  • Weight management plans
  • Exercise programs
  • Proper posture techniques
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