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Rebalance Elite Post Surgery Recovery Program


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Recovery time after a Cosmetic/Plastic surgery is a very important component of a successful outcome of your surgery and the best results you are trying to achieve. Following the proper post-op guidelines is essential for a speedy, and full recovery as well as achieving the optimal results.

With ReBalance Elite Post Surgery Recovery program our team of trained professionals has developed a protocol to return patients back to full activity as quickly as possible after their surgery.

Rebalance EPSR program includes:

  • Comprehensive, Lymphatic drainage treatment that has excellent results. Bandaging, complete decongestive therapy and manual lymphatic drainage are effective in reducing swelling, stimulating fluid movement, reducing pain and accelerate healing.
  • Customized Revita-Drip IV’s to enhance your bodies natural ability to heal and recover
  • Relaxation and therapeutic massage to give your body physical and emotional relief
  • Anti-cellulite treatment
  • Laser treatments for tightening the skin after the surgery
  • PRP treatments for stretch marks, cell rejuvenation promotes quicker healing time after procedures
  • Body sculpting with professional masseuse
  • Weight loss program available for those looking to lose the extra pounds before surgery
  • Nutritionist consultation and personalized diet plans


Why do I need Lymph Drainage Therapy after my liposuction, Smart-lipo or other cosmetic surgery procedure?

After any type of surgery your body is going through an inflammatory process of healing where it produces a lot of serous fluids and develops a lymphedema. Manual lymphatic drainage is a very important treatment to be performed at this time. MLD will help your body to move the fluids back to the lymphatic system and out of the area of surgery. It will help to reduce the swelling and decrease the discomfort and pain you are experiencing after your surgery. MLD will also help to speed up the healing and recovery time after the procedure.

Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Painful?

Absolutely not! Out Licensed and professional massage therapist are certified and trained to perform a specialized bodywork modality that uses a gentle, pumping and rotational motion that will help gently to move the lymphatic fluids out of the areas of injury.

How many treatments will I need?

It is usually recommended to receive at least 6-10 MLD treatments after your surgical procedure to achieve optimal results. If you had surgery for multiple body parts, (ex. Lipo and a tummy tack or Lipo and a buttock enhancement), you may need more sessions. Treatments could start the next day after your surgery or as soon as your surgeon gives you permission. Our skilled MLD specialist will perform a thorough assessment and will recommend an appropriate amount of treatment designed specifically for you.

What other treatment do I need to help my recovery?

At rebalance we offer a wide range of services to help you to recover faster and to return to your normal life routing. We offer Revita IV drips that will delivery a boost of vitamins intravenously directly to your cells. IV Vitamin drips will help to decrease inflammation, increase your immune system, decrease changes of infection, and to speed up your healing time. IV drips will also help you to restore your energy

What do I do with the loose skin and scars after the surgery?

We offer excellent noninvasive skin tightening and scar removing laser treatments to help tightening your skin with no downtime or surgery. Once your surgical wound is healed we will treat the sagging skin in the area to help to tighten it.

Do I need any further body shaping treatments?

After the surgery we also offer other body sculpting treatments such as body cavitations to help to tone, shape and slim other problem areas such as your arms, upper legs, thighs and hips. Combined with MLD body sculpting treatments will improve your body shape and will improve the results of your surgery.

Do you have any Anti-Cellulite treatments?

Unfortunately women are very prone to develop cellulites due to the fact that women’s fat is distributed differently and gets worse with aging. We offer a special Anti-Cellulite program which includes body toning massage, laser and shockwave treatment that breaks down the cellulite deposits and prevents further cellulite development.

What do I do to loose weight?

We offer medically supervised weight loss programs that will help you to loose extra pounds quickly before or after your surgery. We have a range of options for medical weight loss including lipotropic injection, supplements, diet management and IV drips to help you loose weight effectively. We also offer a Detox programs that will help you to cleanse your body from all the toxins and will help to speed up your weight loss.

Do I need to be on a special diet after my Liposuction?

We offer a nutritionist consultation and personalized diet plans based on your individual body shape and calorie requirements. You will be provided with a step by step plan to follow and we will provide you with a shopping list and recipes to help you to recover after surgery and loose extra pounds if needed.
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