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Executive Health Program

Transform your body, reignite your mind and change your whole life with a completely new attitude toward your health. Join our Executive Heath Program to accurately assess your health, develop a plan to power up your physical and cognitive capabilities and improve your sex life. ReBalance 360 is a total body health plan that combines the best of conventional medicine with the most transformative, up-to-date natural treatments around.

  • Those little aches and pains you feel aren’t signs of age; they’re signals that you need to devote more attention to your health. If you’re ready for optimal health, join us as we partner with you to feel younger and live longer! It’s time to get the most out of life!
  • Don’t slow down just when you’ve gained the wisdom to know what you want out of life. The ReBalance 360 Executive Health Program not only extends your life, but also improves the quality of your life today. Lead a longer, more active life!
  • The Executive Health Program is part of a larger trend of boutique health care. Put the latest medical knowledge to work for you. The program provides a comprehensive assessment of your health today and delivers a detailed path to a healthier tomorrow. Check your true health status.

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Overall Health Crisis Prevention

When you’re ready to get a more in-depth look at your health status, the Executive Health Program gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your health and well-being. If you wish to continue functioning at a high level, our optimization program can help get you there — whether you’re a busy CEO, a stay-at-home spouse or a professional athlete. Take advantage of our:

  • Brain/mind assessment
    to determine which areas of your brain can be improved
  • Total body assessment
    which identifies your physical strengths and weaknesses
  • Genetic testing
    to discover any tendencies toward illness or disease
  • Integrative medicine
    in which your doctor examines the whole picture of your health before prescribing treatment
  • Brain cognitive health
    for treatments that help you regain or maintain your cognitive capacities

With the ReBalance 360 Executive Health Program, you get more than personalized health care; you get lifestyle advice and continual health monitoring. We work to improve your:

  • Physical health
  • Hormonal wellness
  • Nutritional optimization
  • Detoxification process
  • Immune system
  • Physical stamina
  • Aesthetics
  • Mental health

If you’re tired of addressing your health needs in a crisis management approach, join our Executive Health Program to get total, integrative health care. Our program analyzes your current health, corrects what’s wrong and prevents future health crises. A comprehensive, total body approach to health care leads to better health and longevity.

Stop dying slowly and start living fully!

Live Every Day to
Your Potential

Once you’re fully healthy, all things are possible. By joining the ReBalance 360 Executive Health Program, you commit to make your health a priority. Once you take that first step and adopt a health-oriented mindset, you can expect to reach your peak in performance and longevity. The Executive Health Program allows you to:

  • Continue to guide your business interests
  • Lead with authority
  • Watch your children grow up
  • Travel with gusto
  • Participate in your favorite sports and pastimes

It takes dedication. With our comprehensive wellness sessions — like cardio training, functional core stability and breathing, weight and cholesterol management, smart nutrition and personalized diet changes — your goal of optimized health is within reach.

Getting older may be inevitable, but feeling older doesn’t have to. Don’t accept the usual changes that accompany the aging process. Instead, celebrate life with energy, strength, and desires for a full, fruitful life. We can help you reach that goal with leading-edge medicine, natural alternative medicine and a professional, experienced medical team.

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“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it’s the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

-John F. Kennedy