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A revolutionary wave of fitness is making its way from Europe to the U.S. It’s called electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training. Even though functional fitness workouts are new, PowerUp EMS training has already laid claim to being the future of fitness. Find out why it’s considered a revolutionary training style and how to tone your body using it.

  • Does movement cause you pain? If you hurt whenever you move, the pain keeps you from fully participating in life. Don’t shut down; power up! Functional movement coaching unlocks your physical restrictions. Rediscover pain-free movement today!
  • Rehabbing from injuries requires patience and fortitude. You’re putting in all that time and effort just to get back to the level you were before. Rehab smarter by conditioning your body to avoid chronic injuries. It’s possible with our injury management/rehab program. Learn corrective exercise strategies to address injuries.
  • If performance is your barometer, then you owe it to yourself to bullet-proof your body for strength, power, speed, and stamina. With functional fitness workouts that provide strength and conditioning for your specific sport, you can raise the bar of your athletic or dance performance.

Find out what a difference EMS training can make!

What PowerUp EMS Training Really Does

Imagine getting the effects of a three-hour workout in the span of only 20 minutes. While it may sound too good to be true, EMS therapy activates more than 90 percent of your muscle fibers simultaneously during every single contraction. This is accomplished by the workout’s electrical stimulation, which provides other beneficial effects on your muscles as well, such as:

  • Activating deeper levels of your muscles than a regular workout can
  • Encouraging faster muscle gain
  • Developing a balanced and functionally strong body
  • Addressing weak links in your musculature that helps prevent injuries
  • Increasing your performance in sports and at work
  • Creating a learning environment for your body, so it knows how to move properly
  • Combating stress and boosting energy levels

PowerUp EMS training has shown to be up to 18 times more effective than conventional weight training practices. When you combine the simultaneous stimulation of 350 muscles with the functional fitness workouts, you get incredible results.

What to Expect

When you visit an EMS training center like ReBalance in New York City, you can do functional fitness workouts under the guidance of an experienced personal trainer. It may seem a bit strange and a little uncomfortable at first, but that feeling passes as you get into the exercise routine. To prepare for a workout at an EMS training center, you:

  1. Change into a cotton shirt and leggings.
  2. Put the EMS suit over your clothes. It’s a form-fitting, Bluetooth-enabled workout suit that disperses electrical pulses to the main muscles of your body while you exercise.
  3. Choose the intensity of the EMS current with the help of a professional trainer. It’s best to start slow and not set the intensity too high.
  4. Follow the exercise regimen given to you. While your muscles are stimulated, you can lift weights, jog on a treadmill or even do yoga.

The most common injury during EMS training is tearing a muscle. This can happen if you set the pulse intensity too high because the pulse puts unnecessary strain on the muscle. The workout shouldn’t cause any pain, so stop immediately if you experience any.

Get the most out of EMS therapy today!

Power Up for Multiple Goals

Although PowerUp training has been used for years by professional athletes, it recently hit New York City by storm. ReBalance, a New York weight loss center offers it as a standalone service or as part of its Regenerate program. Under the watchful eye of a personal trainer experienced with EMS therapy, you can get all the benefits in a safe environment at an EMS training center. Use it for:

  • Losing weight
  • Shaping a toned body
  • Strengthening individual muscle groups

EMS therapy for weight loss helps you by speeding up the process. A new technique, EMS therapy for weight loss builds on itself, too. The more you do it, the more weight you lose.

PowerUp EMS training for strength can save you approximately 67 percent of your workout time. In the long run, that adds up to hours of sweat. Yet you get the same results: a strong, toned body.

Power Up Today!

The PowerUp program combines EMS training with a full-body workout. It targets specific large muscle groups while safely activating your nervous system to make your muscles contract at a faster rate. If you’re considering how to tone your body, use PowerUp training to make every minute count!

Whether you’re using EMS therapy for weight loss or for muscle gain, the PowerUp training system is designed to:

  • Enhance your workout
  • Improve your ability to burn fat
  • Increase your strength
  • Prevent future injuries
  • Boost your endurance, coordination, and speed
  • Help you rehab from an injury faster
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