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As families scatter around the world, it’s easy to lose track of the medical history of your ancestors. Records get lost, people forget and others are simply too embarrassed to talk about medical issues. Men are especially prone to ignoring family medical history and all its implications. Now, with genetic testing, you can get around needing your family to tell you what’s what in your body. Find out confidentially at ReBalance in NYC.

  • Have you always wondered if you’ll suffer the same maladies as your father? Did your grandfather die early from cancer? Are the men in your family reluctant to talk about disease and health in general? Join the men in the ReBalance 360 health program for specific genetic testing in NYC.
  • Are you seeing far too few results despite working out diligently? Do you diet and restrict calories religiously? Do you jump on every new diet trend to lose weight, but find that none of it sticks? It could be because you’re eating the wrong foods. Let the experts at ReBalance help you discover exactly what your body needs.
  • Are you beginning to show symptoms that you fear may be the first signs of a serious condition? Would you rather avoid a ton of uncomfortable tests at the doctor’s office as they try to pinpoint the source of your discomfort? In fact, genetic testing may help guide your doctor’s diagnosis. Contact the specialists at ReBalance.

Discover the hidden link between your health and your heritage!

It’s All in the Science

The relatively new science of using deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and genetic testing has changed the ways we view the world. New techniques and tests have impacted everything from establishing paternity to determining guilt or innocence. Recently, medical research has begun to aim this science toward health and fitness.

Genetic testing can detect when cells in your body mutate, which can lead to various diseases. Genetic tests also help your doctor determine the best approach for treatments, diets, and exercise programs for you. Genetic testing in NYC can tell you if you’re at risk for certain conditions such as:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Sickle cell anemia

Genetic Testing in NYC for You

The ReBalance 360 program employs an integrative medicine approach aimed at treating you as a whole, taking into consideration your unique body, lifestyle, and goals. What makes genetic testing in NYC so interesting and beneficial is that it’s specifically the science of you — who you are and where you came from

And it turns out that your body really does come with an instruction manual. In addition to evaluating your risk of developing serious diseases, your DNA profile also tells you exactly which types of exercise your body is the most responsive to, such as:

  • Endurance exercises such as running
  • Sporting games and contests
  • Power workouts like weight lifting
  • Aerobic potential workouts
  • Post-exercise recovery profile
  • Personal injury risk

Integrating these changes into your workout routine and your life as a whole is an eye-opening experience. You now have the ability to improve your body’s function to enhance your entire quality of life. Your DNA cannot lie. And once you start making adjustments, you’ll begin to see some of what your body has been trying to tell you for years.

Learn about your DNA to avoid disease and get into top form!

The Pros Far Outweigh the Cons

Just a small drop of blood or piece of skin is needed to determine your genetics — a cheek swab can do the trick, too. Since most men often don’t heed warning signs from their bodies, genetic testing in NYC is like one complete, total body diagnostic. When combined with other tools from the ReBalance 360 program, the test can help you prevent problems before they even begin.

Genetic testing in NYC has the ability to break down and identify individual markers of your DNA that point toward the most effective methods of diet and exercise for you. Men who followed recommendations based on their genetic composition lost 33 percent more weight than men who didn’t.

These tests can pinpoint if your body is particularly responsive to saturated fats, sensitive to refined carbohydrates, or actually lactose intolerant. You can design your meals around your body’s precise needs. You can even learn which vitamins you need to increase and which to decrease or restrict altogether.

Genetic Testing Is a Powerful Tool

The results of genetic testing in NYC can’t reveal that you’re pre-destined for specific conditions or diseases. The goal is not to cause you extra worry or needless anxiety. Instead, genetic testing is solution-oriented vs. problem-focused. When you’re able to detect gene mutations early, you have far more options available to you to guide your health regimens. Even simply establishing plans to employ aggressive screening options can significantly impact your continued quality of life.

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