You’re getting older, and you want to feel as good as you did in your twenties! Our medical hormonal imbalance therapy can help you revive your energy levels, help you sleep better, and increase your sexual performance as you age! 

Through tailored Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) treatments, you can begin to feel like yourself again and begin to see a large improvement in cognitive function. If you have been searching for a reliable hormonal imbalance doctor in NYC, our holistic center can sit down and discuss your health objectives for the future.

Under the right medical supervision and administration from the Rebalance NYC team, you can restore your body’s natural hormone levels safely. Experience an overall improvement in your quality of life, and elevated energy levels – no matter your age.

BHRT treatments are tailored to your body’s current hormonal levels to help suit your health history and your lifestyle. These hormones mimic your body’s own hormones to help you experience a safe spike in your immune system’s energy and kickstart your metabolism. 

Proven results of BHRT treatments

Made from natural ingredients, bioidentical hormone replacement treatment provides alternative hormone chemicals that your body readily recognizes and puts to use. The benefits of this therapy include:

  • Renewed sex drive and performance
  • Improvement of metabolic symptoms
  • Decreased body mass index as you lose weight
  • Reduction of LDL or low-density lipoprotein also called ‘bad cholesterol
  • Increased HDL or high-density lipoprotein, also ‘good cholesterol’
  • Lowered triglycerides
  • Loss of fat around your middle
  • Increased energy and better sleep

Consider integrating BHRT treatments into your weight loss journey

Begin your health objectives with us and evaluate your weight loss goals with our professionals!

In addition to lacking the right amount of hormones, your body needs to function at an optimal status, not having the right level of hormones can cause a drastic weight gain. Generally, menopausal women witness weight gain in their hips and thighs that arise from lower estrogen and progesterone levels. BHRT has been proven to increase the healthy levels of hormones that can kickstart a woman’s metabolism and help them keep their weight gain to a minimum.

For men, lower testosterone levels can hinder them from building muscle mass which is vital in regulating their weight. A higher muscle mass translates to a faster metabolism, so if testosterone levels drop, it will be less likely that a man can lose weight. Aside from having healthy eating habits and maintaining an active lifestyle, integrating BHRT treatments can enhance your wellness as you get older. 

What are some signs I’m experiencing a hormonal imbalance?

Several different causes of hormone imbalance are common among men. Anyone over the age of 30 can begin experiencing hormone imbalances. Injury or trauma to certain key organs, such as your pituitary gland or prostate can also cause imbalances. It’s nothing to be ashamed about; it’s something to get treated.

Certain diseases — including adrenal fatigue, thyroid diseases, metabolic syndrome, and certain sexual dysfunctions — can also affect your body’s ability to keep hormones regulated and in balance. Symptoms of a hormone imbalance may include:

  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Increased or sudden hair loss
  • Brain fogs and poor concentration
  • Low sex drive
  • Heart disease symptoms
  • Inability to maintain muscle mass
  • Depression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Mood swings
  • Diabetes
  • Sleeplessness
  • Abnormal cholesterol, usually higher
  • Memory loss
  • High blood pressure or a stroke

You deserve to feel amazing at any age with BHRT treatments!

Choosing a well-established and experienced practitioner, such as the team at ReBalance, helps ensure your safety and the success of the bioidentical hormone replacement protocols. 

Our collective years of experience have enabled us to give exceptional medical treatments to our patients. If you have been considering hormonal replacement therapy, set up a consultation with us today to discuss your health objectives. There has never been a better time to take charge of your health than today!

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