Hip Arthritis

Standing without pain, walking without grimacing, and sitting for an extended period with no discomfort — these aren’t things a man normally puts on the list of things that he’s thankful for. But for men living with debilitating hip arthritis, they long for experiences that many men take for granted. Having arthritis in the hip greatly limits what you’re able to do. It keeps you from living a normal life.

  • Are you ready to get moving again, free of the pain and limitations forced upon you by hip arthritis? Is the pain getting so bad that you don’t even want to walk anymore? Whether it’s just starting to hurt or you’ve been living with it for years, we can help. Discover effective and lasting remedies at ReBalance.
  • Do you want to avoid surgery and the potential risks it carries? Prefer to skip a long and drawn-out rehabilitation cycle? Check out some of the leading-edge holistic treatments at ReBalance before you try anything else.
  • Arthritis in the hip isn’t just an old man’s disease. If you’ve been playing hard and working even harder, you can start feeling some of the painful symptoms early in life. Find out what many men in Brooklyn already know — pain doesn’t have to hold you back anymore!

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Hip Arthritis Symptoms

The symptoms of hip arthritis start small and progress as time passes. You may notice pain just in your hips or also in your groin, thighs, or back all at the same time. This pain limits or eliminates your ability to engage in sports like cycling, basketball, running, or weight training.

Your range of motion becomes more restricted, and you may develop chronic hip swelling. Other symptoms of hip pain that could keep you from living your life to the fullest include:

  • Hip crunching or popping. When cartilage wears down, the grinding of bone-on-bone contact causes this sensation.
  • Walking with a limp. Walking with your weight evenly distributed isn’t possible with hip arthritis. To reduce the pain, you may lurch forward to alleviate the pressure put on the hip. This lightens the weight your body puts on your hip, but over time, causes spinal issues and compounds your levels of pain throughout your body.
  • Poor hip joint functionality. Everyday activities like bending and dressing become extremely painful — or in many cases impossible — to do when you have hip arthritis.
  • Resting. Even resting by sitting or lying down for a while makes arthritis in the hip worse. These positions unfortunately increase your discomfort because your hip joint stiffens during inactivity.

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Hope Found Through Treatment

Living with hip arthritis feels like being in prison with no escape. It feels like your body is working against you. It’s even worse if you maintained an active lifestyle and are now forced to stop because of your hip pain. Frustration, anger, and depression can develop. But there is hope for you by learning new ways to live at ReBalance in New York City. Treatments include:

  • Exercise and physical therapy. You may need help improving your gait and your posture. Through our process of individualized exercise development, you can learn new ways to move while getting tips for exercises to increase your strength and flexibility.
  • Weight loss. Whether you’ve put on extra pounds because of inactivity or the weight is something you’ve been dealing with for a while, rely on our nutritional counseling and medical weight loss plans to help you lose the weight that’s exacerbating your hip pain.
  • Hormone tests. It’s possible that your arthritis is genetic. If so, adjusting your hormone levels and adding supplements to your diet, can diminish your pain naturally.

Go Natural at ReBalance

Since there are multiple forms of arthritis, you need to get a diagnosis at ReBalance before any treatment for arthritis in the hip. Very often, with the adjustments listed above, you won’t need to go through any further treatments, even if they are non-invasive.

To avoid surgery — which the ReBalance team supports with a holistic, integrative approach to pain management — you may opt for natural treatments. The regenerative joint procedures offered at ReBalance arthritis center may help to reduce and even eliminate pain from arthritis in the hip. They include:

  • Platelet-rich plasma injections
  • Stem cell treatments
  • Laser procedures
  • Prolotherapy
  • Massage
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