Integrative Medicine & Anti-Aging Medical Center


ReBalance Anti-Aging center is the best Holistic Wellness, Functional and Integrative Clinic located in the heart of New York City.


We believe in an integrative approach that evaluates you as a whole, identifies the root cause of the disease, and alleviates not only the symptoms but the sickness itself.


Rebalance Center is led by Leaders in Integrative Medicine & Holistic Health -Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky and Dr. Natalya Fazylova.


Our team of the best holistic health practitioners combined their expertise to create a revolutionary program that diagnoses and treats the most challenging chronic conditions.


Combining the latest and cutting-edge technology with our unique approach, we offer natural treatment for Hormonal Imbalances, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Memory and Concentration Problems, Hair Loss, Weight Loss, and much more.

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