Conventional medicine is appropriate when you get a broken bone, but when you want to return to health and vigor, conventional medicine can’t always help. Integrative medicine relies on a total being evaluation to determine where you need help, strengthening and rejuvenation — in your body, mind and lifestyle. It’s an appropriate medical approach for men of any age.

  • Sports injuries can be devastating. Not only do they pull you out of the game, but sports injuries may put your future playing time in doubt if they’re bad enough. Conventional medicine heals the wounds, but integrative physical medicine also helps make sure it doesn’t re-occur. Learn about the benefits you’ll receive from integrative sports medicine.
  • Are you tired of relying on medication that causes uncomfortable side effects, including the risk of addiction? Our integrative medicine doctor offers alternative treatments that are more natural and less invasive.
  • Integrative physical medicine can keep you healthy as you age. Our integrative medicine doctors take your body, your mind and your lifestyle into consideration when prescribing treatments. Visit a holistic doctor at ReBalance, an integrative medical center in New York City to remain healthy and strong.


Conventional medicine deals with symptoms and disease. It fixes you after something has gone wrong. In other words, it’s pathological medicine, focusing on the immediate medical issues.

Integrative medicine, on the other hand, focuses on curing illness and managing disease, but also on preventing illnesses and maintaining optimum health. Over the past several decades, many health care practitioners have updated their ideas and methodologies to adopt a more holistic approach to health.

Alternative medicine includes many modalities not usually covered by mainstream medicine, such as massage and chiropractic treatment. Until recently, you had to go to two different practitioners to take advantage of more than one method of healing your body or maintaining your health. Now you can go to one practice for all types of proven medical treatments: ReBalance in NYC


Integrative physical medicine combines the best of all medical worlds. Also referred to as complementary and alternative medicine or CAM, integrative medicine combines mainstream medical methods with the most appropriate alternative treatments. Its emphasis on effectiveness and safety mean your integrative doctor recommends only those treatments that follow scientific procedure to prove their worth.


Integrated medicine takes into account your entire being in a holistic manner. You aren’t just a body. Your lifestyle and psychology affect your body and health. With the ability to cherry-pick the most effective options, your ReBalance integrative medicine specialist tailors a treatment plan that fits you perfectly.


Integrative medicine operates with some basic principles always at the forefront, including:

  • Ensuring a healthy and balanced partnership between you and your integrative medicine doctor, who keeps all communication as open as possible
  • Considering all the factors that affect your health and wellness while treating any short-term illness or long-term disease
  • Finding the best combination of appropriate conventional and alternative modalities to facilitate your greatest possible health
  • Using the most natural, least invasive options in as effective way as possible, as often as necessary
  • Making sure all methods are based on scientific evidence with inquiry-driven studies that prove their efficacy
  • Being open to any new options that may appear as a result of different studies and your own reactions to tried methods
  • Addressing and treating illness and disease, placing an emphasis on optimal health and wellness through natural options such as diet and exercise


The integrative approach is making headway in the sports world as well. Working to move past band-aid medicine, integrative sports medicine finds the root of injuries or skeletal and muscle weakness to better treat pain and discomfort, as well as emphasizing optimum health for whatever sport or activity you enjoy playing.

At ReBalance, integrative sports medicine takes a team approach. We provide access to all manner of skills, treatments, and techniques. This integrative, holistic approach addresses any underlying causes of injury or weakness. Your doctor refuses to address only the prevalent symptoms; instead, he works to prevent the injury from happening again.


One of the greatest benefits of the CAM approach involves addressing diseases and syndromes that conventional medicine may have a poor track record of helping. If you have chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, or fatigue syndrome, you can find better ways to manage your symptoms to increase the quality of your everyday life

Managing chronic conditions, searching for the underlying cause, and emphasizing a holistic approach to health and wellness give your ReBalance doctor an advantage over other practices. You’ll find many more options for safe and effective treatment of your condition. Join the ReBalance 360 program to maintain the best health and wellness. This patient-centered approach gives you the most control for getting and staying healthy.

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