Laser Hair Removal for Men

Does your excess hair get in your way when competing or performing? Did you inherit your father’s nose and ear hair? If you’re done fighting the battle to stay groomed and sleek, then your answer may be laser hair removal. Laser hair removal gives you that hair-free result long-term while being virtually pain-free.

  • Are you tired of shaving? Do you worry about nicking your skin shaving hard-to-reach spots? Shaving can be time-consuming and expensive – and most of the time, you miss a patch of hair! Discover the added benefits of laser hair removal over frequent shaving with our professional hair-removal services.
  • Medical-grade lasers have been adopted for more and more procedures, from healing treatments to tattoo removal. Laser hair removal procedures are safe and relatively painless. Come in for a laser hair removal evaluation today!
  • Laser hair removal is the easiest, longest-lasting method for removing unwanted hair. After you’ve tried the other ways to get the look you want, you’re ready for the laser treatment. Why wait? Get rid of hair with the latest technology! Schedule your session today at ReBalance in NYC.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

During the 20th century, mostly male athletes — swimmers, cyclists, bodybuilders, or runners — opted for hair removal to enhance their athletic performances. Today, many men choose smooth skin or at least, a reduced amount of hair. Men’s grooming practices are increasing, whether you find yourself with more body hair than you can handle, or would like to completely remove hair to boost your confidence, our laser hair removal treatments can help.


You may want the hair on your back, chest, arms or shoulders thinned or removed completely. Other common areas of hair removal include the back of your neck, around your ears, and between your eyebrows. For cleanliness, hygiene, or at a partner’s request, some men choose to reduce or remove hair around their genitals.

Methods of Hair Removal

Some traditional hair-removal techniques include:

  • Shaving. Shaving with a razor is the most common method of hair removal. Although most often used for your face and head, shaving is an effective short-term solution for hair on your back, legs, buttocks, and shoulders as well. It’s not recommended near your genitals. The results last only a few days.
  • Cream hair removers and depilatories. Chemicals suspended in creams or gel attack the hair proteins, dissolving them and causing the hair to loosen and fall out. With results lasting up to several weeks, depilatories work best for hair removal on your back, chest, arms, and legs. Many men find the chemicals too harsh for their faces or genitals.
  • Waxing. Advances in soy waxes make this method advantageous. Using specially prepared clothes layered on top of the wax, your hair is quickly pulled out. The use of local anesthesia helps alleviate pain. Waxing is a good option for ears, necks, legs, underarms, and arms. It lasts several weeks.
  • Electrolysis. While this method produces permanent hair removal, it’s also the most time-consuming process. An ultra-slim needle penetrates each hair shaft and sends a tiny shock to the follicle, killing the cells that make hair. The hair doesn’t grow back. Because electric shock is involved, you may not want to use this method on your genitals.

Discuss your goals with your ReBalance specialist to determine if laser hair removal treatments are suited for you.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments have been popular for the last decade, and for good reason! Men and women alike are tired of constantly having to shave, wax and use special creams to get rid of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal takes much less time and far fewer treatments than electrolysis, without the discomfort of the electricity. Other benefits include:

  • Perfect for your back, stomach, chest, shoulders, and genitals
  • Most suitable method for large areas of hair thinning or removal
  • Often permanent with only occasional touch-ups needed
  • Great for those who dislike shaving on a daily basis
  • Lighter-skinned men with dark hair see the best results
  • Eliminating skin irritation from shaving, creams, or waxes or for those who battle folliculitis or inflamed hair follicles after shaving
  • Special lasers for very dark skin are available
  • Good control for shaping or precision grooming
  • Highly effective and safe
  • Treats and prevents ingrown hairs

The Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Your ReBalance specialist delivers an intense, concentrated beam of laser light energy that your skin absorbs. The laser targets the melanin in your hair follicles. The targeted cells absorb the light and convert it to heat, ensuring the safety of surrounding tissue.

During your procedure, you may feel a slight sting in the area being treated, as if you snapped an elastic band against your skin. Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide you with professional treatment, and further advise you on after-care. Most individuals will experience no more than a slight heating sensation as the laser pulses are applied. We only use the most advanced technology, so you can rest assured your treatment will be comfortable and safe.

Laser hair removal has proven to provide continuous and effective treatment for thinning excessive hair or removing it completely. Discuss maintenance and alternative laser treatments with your ReBalance specialist to know what to expect as you strive to reach your aesthetic goals.

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