Tattoo Laser Removal

We have all made some mistakes in our lives. Getting a tattoo that you may regret may even be one of them. From the Chinese symbols that mean “strength” or that first boyfriend’s name, we all have one regret and it may even come in the form of a tattoo. Do not panic, though; there is an easy way to have those words of regret removed. Tattoo laser removal has grown quite a bit since it first began and more and more people seem to be turning to it for the removal of words that they wish they had never gotten.

A Simple Cover Up

Many people that have tattoos want to keep them on their bodies. Instead of getting these tattoos removed, they opt for a simple cover-up. The tattoo artist can turn the words of regret into a beautiful masterpiece that their clients’ will love forever. This is an easy fix for those who want to keep all of the ink on their bodies.

Laser Removal

The most common form of removing tattoos is tattoo laser removal. The lasers used in this process will diminish the ink slowly from the tattoo until there is nothing left of it. This is a process that requires many visits for the tattoo to be removed completely. Scarring can occur in the areas of the skin that are much thinner than others, but it is very rare that it does.

This process works by using the laser beam to go through the skin. This is a harmless procedure that can have a small amount of pain to it, but it is nothing like the pain of being tattooed. While some people have seen speedy results, there are others who have not seen results until seven to eight weeks of tattoo laser removal.

Sessions for Tattoo Removal

Because numerous sessions are required for a tattoo to completely fade away, these sessions are spread out over weeks. If the tattoo starts to fade sooner, clinicians may suggest that their clients wait months between sessions to come back. This will keep them from having any skin irritations or side effects that are unwanted. The tattoos that are located on the ankles or the extremities of the body seem to be the hardest to remove and take the longest. There are also a few colors that are very difficult to remove with a laser. Green ink seems to be one of the hardest colors to remove because it takes a lot more light to get it completely off of the skin.

Managing the Pain

Just like getting a tattoo, removing one is also pretty painful. Clients who have a very low threshold for pain can receive local anesthesia to help combat the pain during tattoo laser removal. Before the patient begins the tattoo laser removal, there is also an anesthesia cream that the clinician can put on the tattoo to help cut the pain during the procedure.

Side Effects of Tattoo Removal

With every medical procedure, there is always a chance for side effects. Tattoo removal is no different. Patients will see some changes in the color of their skin, but this will only last while they are having the procedure done. The color will go back to normal, but there is a rare case that it may stay discolored. Some patients have noticed a small rash from the laser that only lasts for a couple of days. Some people have very sensitive skin so this is bound to happen.

Getting a tattoo is fun and can be really exciting. Deciding not to keep it is a personal decision and made easy with tattoo laser removal.

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