By Tatiana Ridley

You’re not alone. Many people gained the “Quarantine 15” during the pandemic. If you’ve packed on pounds and want to get back to a healthier weight, consider Medical Weight Loss.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical Weight Loss is the process of losing weight with the help and guidance of a healthcare professional, usually a doctor, or a team of healthcare professionals, including a nutritionist or health coach. It involves the proactive management of diet, movement, supplements, and healthy lifestyle behaviors customized to the person.

At ReBalance NYC’s Medical Weight Loss Program, we provide medical solutions for weight loss and management under the care of Dr. Natalya Faxzylova.

Successful weight loss is more than cutting back on calories and exercising more. Long-term weight loss requires a multidisciplinary approach and ongoing follow-up to ensure that you keep the weight off. We take the time to learn about your underlying medical conditions, food preferences, budget, short and long-term health, lifestyle, and weight goals to create a plan that offers a long-term weight management solution. Together, we set realistic expectations and
goals to help you live your best life.

There 3 main components to medical weight loss: Initial Consultation, Behavior Changes, and Medications & Supplements.

Initial Consultation
The healthcare professional meets with you either in-person or virtually to learn more about you and your goals.

Behavior Changes
Behavior modification is key to losing weight. Behavioral modifications targeting diet and physical activity changes are the cornerstones of interventions for weight management.

Medications & Supplements
Medications and supplements to optimize weight loss success are available when appropriate.

At ReBalance NYC we can help you lose excess weight in a variety of ways, including:

● Behavior Modification
● Meal Plan Creation
● Exercise Recommendations
● IV Therapy
● Detoxification
● Hormone Replacement
● SculpSure

Why Does Medical Weight Loss Work?

Medical Weight Loss is an effective way to lose weight for many reasons. Having a healthcare professional create a personalized weight loss plan and monitor your progress offers accountability and support specific to your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Is Medical Weight Loss Right for Me?

● You’ve tried eating healthier on your own without success.
● You’re concerned about other health issues such as hormonal changes,
high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, digestive disorders, or sleep apnea that may be the result of your weight gain.
● You need to lose weight before bariatric surgery.

Contact us at our office at 212-380-1764 or to request more information about our Medical Weight Loss Program at ReBalance NYC. For your first appointment, please bring your current list of medications and supplements, any lab results received in the last 3-6 months, and any significant medical documentation. Being overweight can be overwhelming, but there is hope with help!

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