Nutrition Consultation

Having a weight problem often stems from lifestyle choices, although you may have a genetic predisposition to gaining weight. Under the supervision of a certified nutrition consultant, you can make the changes necessary to lose the extra pounds and keep them off. At the same time, you’re avoiding serious diseases, improving your health, and getting back into shape. Nutrition counseling really works!

  • Obesity is the result of a vicious cycle. You’re constantly hungry, but you don’t have the energy to exercise. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of bad choices. The science of nutrition tackles one part of the fight against obesity: eating right. Learn how to lose weight.
  • Do you have a medical condition that contributes to your weight problem? Medications that combat one problem often lead to another. Medical weight loss, combined with nutrition counseling, can rebalance your physical health. Find out how a nutrition consultant can help.
  • If you’re always eating on the go, you’re not making the best food choices. A poor diet can lead to all kinds of health issues, including weight gain. But when you understand the benefits of a healthy diet — which include a slimmer waistline and better stamina — you go out of your way to eat right. Get started today!

You Can’t Just Stop Eating

When you realize something’s wrong — you’re carrying around too much weight, you can’t do the things you used to do or you’re starting to experience more health-related problems — you may feel motivated to change your diet on your own. But understanding what works for your body can be frustrating.

Reputable nutrition counseling in New York City provides you with clear, concise, and easily understood plans tailored to your health, body, and lifestyle. A certified nutrition consultant won’t lecture or scold you. Your diet consultant takes the time to learn all about you before recommending the most optimal diet, exercise program, and lifestyle choices for you. It’s all part of the ReBalance 360 program in our nutrition clinic!

Who Should See a Certified Nutrition Consultant

Although everyone can benefit from a nutrition consultant’s knowledge, men don’t always take advantage of these services. But men have their own specific dietary needs. What you need depends on your age, medical condition, and activity level. The best candidates for nutrition counseling include men who:

  • Manage a medical condition of some kind
  • Love to cook and want inspiration for healthy recipe choices
  • Battle high blood pressure
  • Have noticeable to debilitating food allergies
  • Live with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Are overweight or obese
  • Wish to implement a complete diet overhaul
  • Want to fine-tune their food choices

Nutrition counseling takes all the food and diet information available and then distills it down to find the best choices for you. To accomplish this, your nutrition consultant:

  • Takes a long and detailed medical and lifestyle history to understand your goals, concerns, preferences, and any guidelines your doctor may have provided
  • Gathers information about your support system and the community environment while making your dietary and food recommendations
  • Works to understand the whole picture regarding your sleep, stress, exercise, and energy levels to create the best plan for you
  • Presents a diet plan that fits your taste preferences to find reasonable food choices that address your dietary concerns within your consultant’s guidelines
  • Adjusts your nutrition and diet plan, with continued input and communication from you, to keep you on track

The Differences Between Men and Women

While the nutrition requirements for women have been well documented, you may not know the distinct differences in a man’s nutritional needs. Due to body type and hormone differences, men’s bodies don’t require just more of the same things that women need. For example:

  • Men’s higher caloric needs are dependent on the amount of lean body mass and the amount of physical activity they engage in on a daily basis. Nutritional counseling takes all this into account.
  • The normal levels of red blood cells circulating in a man’s system are higher than that of a woman, so men can’t tolerate low levels of plasma, glucose, or blood sugar.
  • Depending on your desire for adding muscle mass, you may need extra amounts of protein to enhance this process once you start exercising more vigorously.
  • Incorporating more protein later in the day further promotes building muscle mass when accompanied by a healthy weight training regimen.
  • As men age, their diets should become more nutrient-dense, steering away from empty calorie foods and finding healthy substitutes to prevent weakening their immune system, eyesight, bone, and muscle.

Nutrition consultants work to find the most beneficial diet and exercise choices for you to reflect your medical conditions, lifestyle, and taste preferences. After all, if you like what you eat and see the results with a trimmer waistline, greater muscle mass, and increased energy, you’re more likely to enjoy continuing these healthy habits.

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