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Benefits of Physical Activity


Getting the appropriate amount of and kind of exercise benefits nearly all aspects of your life and health. Physical activity is vital in order to enhance youthful agility throughout the years. An added benefit of keeping the body active is that it may help to prevent certain degenerative diseases. Exercise can help with weight control, often improves mood, builds strong bones and muscles, and may increase your longevity.

It can reduce your risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure and can also enhance glycemic control and insulin sensitivity.

Regular exercise may help you to sleep better, strengthen your immune system, reduce menstrual discomfort, and yes, might even improve the quality of your sex life.

What Is Personal Training?

It can sometimes be difficult for someone to exercise or make healthy food choices without the correct knowledge first; this is where a personal trainer comes in. A personal trainer is a fitness professional involved in exercise prescription and instruction.

A personal trainer could help you by motivating, setting personal goals, and providing accountability and feedback. If you have a medical condition that might limit your activity, a personal trainer will work with you to create a training program specifically designed for your medical needs.

What Is the Benefit of Personal Training?

Many people could benefit from personal training- some might need to adjust their exercise routine due to their disease process. Some people might need to lose weight or just to improve their overall health. Regardless of the reason, personal training might help you to change your opinion about physical activity and help you to improve your health and wellbeing.

One of the benefits of personal training is accountability and motivation. A personal trainer will help you to develop realistic goals, motivate you, and hold you accountable to achieve those goals. Another benefit of working with a personal trainer is instructions on the proper technique and form of physical activity to be performed.

Each person has a different body constitution, muscle strength, individual potential, and a starting condition. These all need to be considered when choosing an exercise regimen. A personal trainer will help you to choose appropriate physical activities to avoid injuries while exercising.

What Exercises Do I Need?

An unfortunate side effect of progress in technology is that our physical activity levels declined, which negatively affected our physical health. Statistics show that the average American adult walks less than a mile a day. Common questions often asked include, “How much exercise is needed?” “What types of exercises are best and when is the best time to exercise?”

According to the American Heart Association, adults 18 years of age and older need to do at least 2 hours of an activity of moderate intensity each week and muscle strengthening exercises twice a week. Exercises such as brisk walking, playing tennis, bike riding, and gardening are considered moderate intensity exercises. Jogging, swimming, jumping rope, running, hiking, or group activities such as Zumba or step aerobics are considered vigorous intensity activities.

Muscle-strengthening activities you might consider including in your routine twice a week may include yoga, lifting weights, resistance band exercises, and body-weight resistance activities like push-ups and sit-ups.

Simple Guide to Increase Physical Activity in Your Life

One way to increase your physical activity would be to first get off that couch! You can increase the amount of calories you burn daily by making small changes in your schedule.

If you have absolutely no time to go to a gym or to sign up for a class, that is okay. You might be getting more exercise than you realize. If this is the case, all you need to do is make what you are already doing work better for you. Assessing your daily routine will help you realize there are many ways in which you are likely already very active and ways to sneak additional exercise into your lifestyle.

Remember that everything you do throughout the day that makes you move counts as exercise. This might include walking your dog, taking your kids to school, working in the garden, cleaning your house, and even doing laundry. To receive the most benefit from the physical activity you are already doing in the form of household chores, you will need to concentrate on your body as it is moving to ensure proper posture and body mechanics. You can add speed, hold a position a moment longer, or add a stretch or two between activities.

Adding steps to your daily routine may be easier than you think. For instance, when shopping, you can park your car a few spaces farther from the market or store, or if you have more time, you can park your car a couple of blocks away from your destination and walk at a brisk pace for the rest of the way. Burn your calories not electricity by taking stairs rather than elevators. Pace around the house or climb steps while you talk on the phone.

Get up and walk, do push-ups or sit-ups during TV commercials, or stretch your calves and rotate your ankles while sitting at your desk or computer. Don’t forget that playing with your kids is also a form of exercise. Take your kids outside to play a game of tag instead of watching TV together as a way to share quality time while being physically active. This helps them form healthy lifestyle habits as well.

Every minute of your daily activity counts. That means if one day you walk your kids to school in the morning for 10 minutes, climb stairs at work for 5 minutes, do active household chores for 20 minutes, and play with your kids for another 25 minutes, that is already a whole hour of physical activity that day.

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