Postural Restoration

Your posture does much more than simply present the person you are to the world — it can actually be a source of great pain and discomfort. Your posture affects nearly every aspect of your movement and body function. Postural restoration is an evolution from the study of human biomechanics, and it’s a training program we offer men at ReBalance in New York City.

  • Ever wonder if being off-balance is truly the source of your constant pain? Have you been told that you’re suffering because you have poor posture? Postural restoration may be just the ticket you need to restore your body to a balanced base.
  • Are you tired of always having to work out the kinks in your neck? Do you live with constant lower back pain that no amount of exercise or stretching can relieve? Afraid to visit the doctor because he might recommend surgery? Your posture may just need a little tweaking.
  • Do you try to walk straight and carry yourself in a confident stance? Then, at some point, you always end up slouching or leaning? We can help you find the correct posture you desire with a program designed just for you and your needs. Get started today!

Poor Posture Isn’t Just a Pain in the Neck

The postural restoration approach to diagnosing and treating chronic pain, poor body function, and limited mobility combines both holistic and integrative healing. This clinically proven scientific therapy provides you with tools to help your body begin a recovery from daily stress and trauma.

Understanding your posture and functionality must account for influences from your skeleton, muscles, and even your dental occlusion. Some of the ailments and symptoms that can be treated by postural restoration include:

  • Head and neck tension 
  • Scoliosis
  • Pain in your:
    • Shoulder
    • Knee
    • Hip
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Respiratory issues and trouble breathing
  • Brain fog and other neurological complaints
  • Poor or impaired vision
  • Poor performance
  • Sexual disorders
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)

Postural Restoration Is Standing Up for Your Health

Every day, your body has to cope with not being symmetrical. It finds a way to compensate for differences in size, movement, and imbalance. This has the potential to wreak more havoc than you realize.

Besides lacking symmetry, the human body is also all crossed up. The right side of your body is actually controlled by the left side of your brain. Since the left side of the human brain also facilitates most of your communication and speech, most of us tend to gesture more with our right hands when we speak. This overuse can lead to issues in your right shoulder that are the result of a dominance pattern on that side.

Improving Form and Function

Our goal is to help your body achieve its maximum balance. Benefits of postural restoration techniques include a higher level of performance. The keys to successful postural restoration treatment include:

  • Determining muscle dominance and overuse in your body. This establishes which muscles need to be inhibited or turned off.
  • Figuring out the best ways to activate, facilitate and promote movement in underused muscles.
  • Doing exercises that are proven and specific to addressing all aspects of postural restoration, from body alignment to breathing. These exercises can aid in repositioning parts of your body, such as your rib cage or pelvis.

There are as many as 350 exercises and techniques used to correct your posture. Your therapist custom-fits your treatment plan to your individual needs. Props and heat may be used to enhance your movements and increase your flexibility.

A Difference You Can Feel

Adding postural restoration therapies to your total body care can have a drastic impact on acute conditions or chronic pain. By repositioning your musculoskeletal system, you correct balance in your movement, restore muscle tone, and promote efficient activity.

This proactive means of therapeutic treatment helps you avoid injury as well as aids you in achieving optimum health and function in your life. The adjustment of your posture kickstarts a rehabilitative process with benefits throughout several areas and systems of your body.

Every Body Is Different

Some people experience immediate improvement, but it may take several sessions to achieve noticeable relief. Once you’ve achieved neutral alignment, it’s important to adopt proper movement patterns into your daily life activities. Your therapist works with you to develop your personalized exercise program to maintain your results.

Eliminating imbalanced movements and muscle patterns with the techniques you’ll learn in your postural restoration process help you finally be free from aches, pains, and limitations. All it takes is a visit to ReBalance chiropractic center in New York City to start the postural restoration process.

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