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Facelift Is More Enticing

Have you ever met one of those old friends of yours and wondered how they look different from the time you last saw them? They look gorgeous and have a healthy glow, their skin is unblemished and now you meet them and wonder which transformation they have gone through.

A new and revolutionary facelift is one of those aesthetic treatments which will give you the best results, and one that does not involve the use of products that are artificially manufactured and then injected vardenafil kaufen into your body. It actually uses components from your own blood to enhance the appearance and texture of your skin. This procedure could be used on your face, neck, decolletage, and your hands. Check some results here.

Then how is it done?

The process involves obtaining a sample of your own blood similar to a blood draw for diagnostic tests. The collected blood sample then undergoes some processing procedures.

Platelets are segregated from the red and white blood cells by a machine called a centrifuge. The remaining platelet-rich plasma is the one used for the treatment. This is the blood content that is responsible for blood clotting and wound healing process.

Platelets are known to contain growth factors, and thus when injected at high concentration, they can trigger the growth of fresh tissues in a natural way. It works magic on your face and gives you the smooth texture and balance of facial features.

Some practitioners combine the plasma with dermal fillers to add Hyaluronic acid to the treatment. Hyaluronic acid helps your body to absorb water and raise your skin more from the bones. This gives your face a fleshy look.

You may consider doing a facelift due to the following benefits:

  • It causes the growth of new tissues in a natural way.
  • It restores and rebuilds the collagen on your face which gives your skin a smooth texture.
  • It restores sagging face to a firm face.
  • It restores the shape of the lips, mouth corners, and areas around the eye.
  • It’s a nonsurgical operation and lasts less than 2 hours.
  • It totally eliminates the goose neck through neck revitalization.
  • The treatment has no known side effects and can be done during a short break or during a lunchtime break.
  • It is the only facelift that does not involve a knife anywhere.
  • Obviously, it gives a very smooth feeling and texture to your skin.
  • It has a very short recovery period, mostly less than 48 hours.
  • It causes minimal to no bruising as the injection is a watery fluid.
  • It is FDA approved.
  • It stimulates collagen rejuvenation.

Despite all the benefits, a facelift might not be for everyone due to the following:

  • The full results of the treatment are not instant.
  • It may cause redness and discoloration on your face.
  • The method uses needles to draw blood and also inject the plasma back into the body. As such, it might not be pleasing to those people who fear needles.
  • That initial high cost might be a great turn-off for many.

You may not have known these with respect to a facelift.

  • The treatment is nothing short of what the social stars use; Kim Kardashian and Anna Friel have all used it to enhance their beauty.
  • It can be used as a standalone product without the need to combine it with other dermal fillers.
  • The method is yet to be scientifically proven by the doctors’ medical fraternity. However, physical results and word-of-mouth testimonials have proved it as more effective.
  • You can apply makeup to your face just 48 hours after having the treatment.
  • It might not work well for people with deep wrinkles due to advanced age.

How the skin gets treated.

The skin rejuvenates from increased blood flow to the skin and increased new cell and collagen formation. This procedure causes microscopic injury to the skin and its underlying tissues, which stimulates the repair and growth of new tissues.

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