New York City is experiencing an increasing interest in PRP facial treatments as more individuals discover its transformative powers. We, ReBalance, offer PRP facials in NYC with years of expertise and compassionate care with our friendly and welcoming team. PRP Facial provides a safe, natural means to boost skin repair processes utilizing patient platelets, making this treatment the ultimate natural approach to attaining more youthful and vibrant looks. ReBalance now provides needle-free PRP facials with Jet Peel for those fearful of needles, providing New Yorkers with a revolutionary method for rejuvenation without needles!

PRP facial treatments involve taking a small blood sample that will later be processed to extract its platelets rich in growth factors and concentrate them for use as part of an injectable facial therapy treatment plan. Reintroducing platelet-rich plasma back into patients through advanced microneedling or injection techniques under local anesthesia helps minimize discomfort for most patients. PRP facials are offered to those looking for a holistic facelift without surgery. PRP facial treatments promise noticeable improvements in skin tone, texture, and elasticity, their effects lasting up to two years. As PRP facials continue to gain in popularity in NYC, Dr. Fazylova and ReBalance’s team remain dedicated to offering tailored care that improves the appearance and health of your skin.

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