What is a PRP Facial?

A PRP Facial is a facelift procedure performed at our NYC clinic to rejuvenate your skin in a natural and holistic way. This style of facelift uses platelet-rich plasma obtained from your own blood and delivered to your skin by injections or microneedling with PRP facial therapy. This PRP procedure helps to gradually improve the tone, color, and texture of your skin, making you look younger.

How Does it Work?

Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentrated autologous preparation of platelets in a small volume of plasma, containing approximately 3-5 times the amount of platelets, and growth factors found in the regular blood. Platelets are active components of the natural healing process.

When activated during the facial treatment, platelets release growth factors, and these molecules are responsible for activating and regulating the healing process in our body. Platelets release components such as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF), and Transforming Growth Factor (TGF) among other bioactive components.



The facials activate platelets that cause inflammation, angiogenesis, cell proliferation, and tissue regenerative process.

Unlike most procedures, the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Facelift offers a way of both restoring shape, and improving tone and texture, as well as literally rejuvenating new and younger tissue, making you look younger!

For the last 15-20 years, PRP therapy has been used effectively as a medical treatment for orthopedic injuries, neurosurgery, plastic, and cosmetic surgery among others. Recent studies conducted internationally recognize PRP therapy as one of the promising treatment modalities for scar reduction, collagen restoration, and growth.


How Many PRP Facial Treatments Do I Need?

The facelift procedure needs to be performed several times (we recommend at least 3 procedures), every three to four weeks to be effective. PRP facelift treatments can help create new collagen in your skin, diminish wrinkles and acne scars, minimize pore size, and rejuvenate your skin.


How Long Does Facial Last?

The results of this facial PRP therapy might last one to two years or longer. We recommend maintaining your skin results and performing follow-up treatments every 12-24 months as needed.

Dr. Fazylova and the staff at ReBalance of Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness strive to provide aesthetic, holistic and individualized care to help you on your journey to a better health and vibrant appearance.


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