We are thrilled to introduce the Needle-Free PRP Facial with Jet Peel at Rebalance. This  revolutionary technology for skin and scalp care rejuvenates the skin without the need for needles. Our certified medical professional performs the PRP Facial Treatment in a clinical setting. Recent international studies have recognized PRP Facelift therapy as a highly promising treatment for scar reduction, collagen restoration, and growth. Because PRP treatments use platelets from your own body, they are considered safe and natural, with minimal chance of allergic reaction.

At our NYC clinic, we offer a natural and holistic approach to skin rejuvenation with our PRP Facial. Platelet-rich plasma obtained from your own blood is delivered to your skin through injections or microneedling with PRP facial therapy. Gradually, this PRP procedure improves the tone, color, and texture of your skin, giving you a younger appearance.

Utilizing platelets from your own body makes PRP facelift a safe and natural treatment, with minimal risk of allergic reactions. This type of facial using PRP therapy is effective for adults of all ages, different skin types, and people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, offering a great way to achieve skin rejuvenation, tightening, and facelift without downtime or pain.

At ReBalance, we offer a wide range of Anti-Aging and Skin Care treatments available in the USA so that you can look as young as you feel. Our options include skin tightening and fat removal to help you feel great and look even better. With our facial PRP therapy, you can expect the results to last for one to two years or longer. To maintain your skin’s improved appearance, we recommend follow-up treatments every 12-24 months as needed.

Our team, led by Dr. Fazylova, is committed to providing you with personalized and holistic care to help you achieve better health and a vibrant appearance. We strive to help you on your journey towards looking and feeling your best. Take advantage of our limited time current promotion offer of a PRP Facial only $399 per treatment! To book your appointment and learn more call (212) 380 1764 today!

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