If you ever experience hair loss, you know how stressful it can be. A hair transplant used to be the only option to regain hair growth for people with hair loss. Now we have less expensive alternatives, such as PRP hair restoration.

Hair loss might happen for different reasons. You might have a hereditary predisposition for it, you might be having hormonal changes, or you just might be under a lot of stress. Platelets in the PRP solution have growth factors in them. When injected under the scalp into the dermal layer, they will help to regenerate new hair follicles.

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. Our blood has different components, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Once activated, platelets have the ability to regenerate new tissue. PRP treatments have been used in the past to regenerate new tissues during injuries in tendons, ligaments, and other sports-related injuries. Recently, we also learned that we could use PRP for hair restoration.

For this procedure, we will collect a small sample of your blood. Then we spin that blood specimen in the centrifuge, which will help to separate the platelets into red blood cells, and white blood cells. This process will activate platelets to release growth factors. That solution will be injected into your scalp and will help to regenerate hair follicles. Before we start, we apply numbing cream to the scalp, so the procedure is painless. The procedure itself will take about 30 minutes, and while there might be some tenderness, you won’t feel any pain. We usually recommend four treatments, one month apart, with a follow-up treatment six months later. Each person is different. Some will see results right after the first treatment, while others might take longer. What’s important to remember is that even after the hair treatment, the hair follicles will continue to grow and regenerate.

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