When you’re young, you tend to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. Your health permeates your skin, and your muscle tone dictates your body shape. As you age, though, things aren’t quite so straightforward. Hair grows in odd places, and you retain pockets of fat that just won’t go away, no matter how much you work out or diet. Change your aesthetics to reflect the new you!

  • You’ve worked hard to improve your health and tone your body. You deserve to look as good as you feel. SculpSure gets rid of stubborn fat deposits that diet and exercise can’t touch. It only takes one to three sessions of this non-invasive procedure.
  • That tattoo that made you smile at 25 now makes you cringe. You’re not that person anymore. Now you can erase the mistakes of the past — at least the ones written in ink on your skin. It’s easier than ever to remove your tattoo by laser!
  • Age plays tricks on you. You lose hair and find it in other places. You don’t have to accept hair loss or unsightly body hair anymore. When you look younger, you feel younger! Ask about hair restoration treatments and laser hair removal at ReBalance.

Rejuvenate Your Looks to
Match Your Health

Do you have a little loose skin under your chin? Have you developed jowls just like your dad? Are those love handles not going away? Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your body refuses to cooperate. It may be genetic, due to a poor diet or an unhealthy amount of food. Whatever the reason, with the ReBalance 360 program, you have ammunition to fight back.


Using non-invasive procedures and minimally invasive surgery, you can opt for the sculpted body you
desire. SculpSure, one of the procedures, targets fat deposits in specific areas, such as above your hips. It melts the fat so it gets reabsorbed by your body. Safe, approved aesthetic surgeries are also available to give you the profile and contours you want.

Rebalance 360

Offers Many Advantages

When you’re ready to rejuvenate your appearance, come into our New York City office for a consultation. Based on your goals, your doctor can recommend the right treatment to get your body to look the way you want it.

Putting the finishing touches on your body shape can do wonders for your self-esteem. Choose from among the ReBalance 360 procedures, which can:

  • Remove a tattoo with a laser procedure, although it may take several sessions
  • Remove hair where you don’t want it with a laser treatment
  • Eliminate or reduce hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes heavy sweating problems
  • Restore hair to your head, so you can boast a youthful head of hair
  • Reduce fat in small targeted areas — this isn’t a weight-loss technique
  • Have minimally invasive surgery on your body or face to return to a more youthful look

When You Want a Little More

Your health is paramount at ReBalance. If you can change how you look — your body shape or your wrinkles — in a way that’s safe, then by all means do what makes you most happy and comfortable in your own skin. ReBalance offers a number of surgical procedures that are mostly minimally invasive, you can achieve dramatic results in your body and facial contours.

Remove pockets of fat. Tighten the skin under your chin. Remove the presence of scars. Realize your aesthetic goals in a comfortable environment, courtesy of ReBalance in New York City. Whatever you decide to do with the guidance of your doctor, you can rest assured that the procedure is handled in a safe, professional manner.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it’s the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

-John F. Kennedy

Focus on Your Skin

The ReBalance 360 program in New York City can transform your health and enhance your longevity. It’s not an overnight process, but it works no matter where you start. When you’re full of health and vitality, it often shows in your skin:

  • You look younger because your skin has more elasticity
  • Your skin has that healthy glow
  • You may still have the wrinkles of experience, but you won’t have that tired-all-the-time look.
  • Even your eyes sparkle with the health and energy you feel

If you’re concerned about those wrinkles, you can try non-surgical procedures to hide them, at least temporarily. Consider hyaluronic acid injections and other procedures to make you appear years younger, which can be especially important if you’re in the arts. Talk to the experts at ReBalance.

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