If you experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED), your quality of life eventually suffers. Reduced testosterone that occurs with age, poor blood flow, and the build-up of micro plaque are the main reasons for ED. Also, underlying conditions such as high cholesterol, heart disease, depression, and diabetes, may contribute to ED.

Taking pills for ED, such as  Viagra and Cialis, is a popular choice, but some can not take them if they have heart conditions or if they are taking contraindicated medications.

Rebalance offers a solution to ED, without the risks that ED medications have. Shockwave therapy, also known as Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (LI-ESWT), uses high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis. The sound waves have a repairing effect on blood vessels, promoting the growth of new ones, and breaking down micro plaque that may have accumulated over time. This focused energy pulse triggers a response in the erectile tissue, reactivating dormant stem cells and growth factors within the penis. As a result, the growth factors stimulate the creation of new blood vessels, remove vascular plaque, and rejuvenate the erectile tissue. This process, also known as neurogenesis, ultimately enhances the sensitivity of the penis as well.

Shockwave therapy for ED is simple, noninvasive, pain-free, and quick that has also been clinically proven to aid with ED. Shockwave therapy was also used by men without ED, to enhance their sexual performance.

What Is Shockwave Therapy for ED?

This therapy employs sound waves that initiate both a mechanical response and a chemical response in the body. The mechanical response occurs when the sound wave effectively disrupts the micro plaque that accumulates within the arteries that feed blood into the penis. The chemical response that the therapy induces is called neogenesis, which triggers the growth of new blood vessels to form, consequently enhancing the transport of new blood into the penis, resulting in firmer erections.

Shockwave therapy for ED works through low-intensity shock wave therapy that causes microscopic injuries in the penile tissue. This results in the body generating a healing response, which grows new blood vessels by activating stem cells and releasing vascular growth factors. This increases blood flow to the penis.

To receive shockwave treatment, a specialist will run an ultrasound device on the shaft of the penis and perineum to cause micro-trauma of the small blood vessels going to the penis. Men with vascular genic erectile dysfunction are candidates for ED shockwave treatment. Men with neurogenic erectile dysfunction, such as type 1 diabetics and those who have undergone radical prostatectomies, have a different problem, and shockwave will not help them.

The number of shockwave treatments required depends on the patient’s health. For example, a man in his early 50s that has just started taking Viagra may need six treatments and maintenance treatments once a year to prevent needing erectile dysfunction medication for another five or ten years. A man in his mid-sixties, who has been taking Viagra may need about nine or ten shockwave treatments to get a good erection. 

Men get three to six erections every night, lasting between five and ten minutes, to keep their penises healthy. The earliest harbinger of erectile dysfunction is the loss of nighttime erections. Once nighttime erections stop, it’s downhill pretty quickly from there, and men will lose daytime erections.

Who Can Benefit From ED Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a suitable treatment for any individual who begins to experience erectile dysfunction, regardless of their age. While some men may experience it mildly, extracorporeal shockwave therapy can help to make their erections firmer. For others, plaque buildup in the arteries can cause reduced blood flow and less firm erections. Even men in their 20s may experience erectile dysfunction and opt for this type of treatment. Men in their 70s and 80s may have more severe cases of erectile dysfunction, requiring longer treatment plans.

Are There Any Side Effects To Using Shockwave Therapy for ED?

Shockwave therapy for ED is a safe procedure with no significant side effects as it solely uses sound waves. There is no use of laser or radiation involved in the treatment. The sound waves penetrate through the tissue and break up the micro plaque while also causing dormant stem cells to release, promoting neogenesis and improving blood flow into the tissue. Studies demonstrate that 85% of men experience positive results, depending on the severity and level of erectile dysfunction. We create a personalized treatment plan based on the patient’s consultation, where we assess the cause, duration, and any underlying conditions or medications that may be contributing to their condition.

We educate our patients on the procedure and explain how it works before developing a tailored treatment plan that suits their needs. Some patients may require more treatments than others based on their condition. We advise our patients to return for maintenance shockwave therapy every three or four months to prevent the re-formation of plaque in the arteries.

Our aim is to ensure our patients receive optimal treatment while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regular consultations and maintenance shockwave therapy can help prevent future problems and improve erectile dysfunction symptoms.

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