It’s far more normal than you think. Every day, people are working their way toward sexual wellness. Sex In The City is a collection of stories inspired by our many patients, of success and triumph, overcoming their sexual challenges, improving their relationships, and enjoying their lives to the fullest. Your best days of intimacy and fulfillment are ahead. Welcome to Sex In The City written by Dr. Natalya Fazylova and Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky available on Amazon today! Read More >

Readers delve into stories of couples who found themselves in a rut, struggling to maintain intimacy. Through candid narratives, they share how they confronted communication barriers, explored their desires, and rekindled the spark that once bound them together. These tales exemplify the power of vulnerability, trust, and proactive efforts in revitalizing intimate connections. There are also mentions of individuals who faced physical obstacles that interfered with their sexual lives, but managed to overcome these limitations through medical interventions, adaptive techniques or simply developing a deeper knowledge of themselves and embracing their uniqueness to gain greater personal fulfillment and relationships. By doing this they not only transformed themselves personally but also developed greater confidence within relationships.

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