Stem Cell Therapy in New York

You don’t need to suffer from excruciating knee or spinal pain when you can get natural treatment with ingredients that come from your own body. Arthritis pain that can be debilitating doesn’t need to keep you from your favorite activities. Whether your discomfort is the result of a disease like diabetes or osteoporosis or are from a sports injury, relief may be closer than you think. The key lies in your very own stem cells.

  • Ever wonder what all the hype is about when it comes to stem cell therapy for knees? Have you heard that stem cell therapy can relieve painful conditions like tennis elbow and Achilles tendonitis? Now you can get all the information you need at ReBalance medical center as part of your overall healthy renewal plan.
  • Do you want to do everything you can to avoid surgery to fix your painful condition? Would you rather not face the risks and extended recovery period associated with surgery? You can achieve a pain-free life with in-office holistic treatments like stem cell injection. Learn more
  • Tired of the pain you feel every day after a recent accident? Feeling tinges of overuse pain after years of running or working at a computer? Do you want to nip chronic pain in the bud? Talk to us about stem cell therapy options.

Origins of Stem Cells Joint and Soft Tissue Injection Materials

Stem cells are specific cells in your body that all other cells come from. They’re unique because they have three specific qualities:

  1. They can proliferate for, and after, long periods of time.
  2. They’re not specialized to one certain function in the body.
  3. They have the capability to differentiate into any cell in the body.

Adult stem cells can be found in your blood, bone marrow and fat cells. They’re ideal for providing:

  • Stem cell therapy for arthritis
  • Stem cell knee injections
  • Stem cell sacral injections
  • Stem cell elbow injections
  • Alzheimer’s treatment
  • Spinal cord injury procedures
  • Transplant treatment options

What Goes In…

There are two types of stem cell procedures that we currently use for injuries and joint diseases. Although much more research is left to do, stem cell injections used in stem cell therapy for hips or stem cell therapy for knees have helped countless men in NYC.

Stem cells joint and soft tissue injection is FDA-approved. It’s a relatively safe and simple way to heal injured tissue. There’s little preparation involved and you can be in and out of the clinic in less than two hours.

Whether the stem cells are taken from your fat cells or from bone marrow, they can be injected back into almost any area where you hurt. A stem cells joint and soft tissue injection is relatively painless. It’s ideal when used as a stem cell hip injection, stem cell elbow injection, stem cell knee injection, stem cell sacral injection or stem cell SI injection.

It Works and It’s Already Available

You don’t have to live with pain. Your quality of life can improve exponentially with the help of regenerative medicine, specifically stem cell therapy. Stem cell injections to injured areas, like a stem cell shoulder injection or a stem cell hip injection, uses your own body’s cells to restore, regenerate and heal.

Stem cell injections are available for all manner of joint problems, such as stem cell therapy for arthritis and a stem cell SI injection. Stem cell therapy for hips could be the solution to your chronic pain, joint disease or injury. Whether we rely on stem cells taken from your adipose fat cells or from your bone marrow, stem cells replenish and restore damaged tissue.

Stem the Tide… of Disease

The procedures are relatively risk-free, and the benefits far outweigh any rare complications. You may not be a candidate if you have certain medical conditions or are taking certain medications. After the procedure, you must allow the stem cell injections to take effect.

You can expect results like freedom from pain, increased mobility and improved quality of life in six to eight weeks. Some men see improvement after just one course, but you and your doctor can decide how many treatments you need.

Stem cell therapy, stem cells joint and soft tissue injection, and other stem cell-based treatments could mean a healthier, disease-free life for many men. You may be one who enjoys a life without pain, thanks to your own body’s replenishing abilities.

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