As enticing as some diets may seem, they can only provide short-term results and fleeting satisfaction for people looking to lose some weight. You won’t feel like you have made some significant gains because of the possibility that you’ll regain the lost pounds. Don’t just settle for short-term success: adopt a customized medical weight loss plan to make big gains for your optimal lifestyle. 

At Rebalance NYC, you’ll be working with a medical weight loss doctor to create a customized weight loss program that you’ll feel comfortable with sticking to. Weight gain is caused by a variety of factors when you age, but by working with a weight loss doctor, you’ll achieve more sustainable results and lead a relatively healthy lifestyle going forward. 

To help you understand the benefits of a medical weight loss plan, we’ll explain why it’s a better option than going on a fad diet and the several processes involved. If you’re coming in for a first consultation with us, we’ll detail what we’ll cover with you and anything else that may happen during your visit. 

Why Is A Medical Weight Loss Plan Better Than Going On Fad Diets?

Although trendy diets such as a juice cleanse or keto have their perks and advantages, their results are often short-lived and ineffective in the long run. Moreover, they’re harder to maintain and commit to than an extensive medical weight loss plan, which takes into account your daily habits and eating schedule. 

Medical weight loss plans are often created and supervised by doctors or medical professionals. It helps patients lose significant weight and improve their current health and wellbeing. It’s often directed in a clinical environment like ours and you’ll be in the care of many health professionals. The weight loss program also involves the patient meeting regularly with us to track progress and ensure healthy eating habits are followed. 

Weight loss goals and results can vary from person to person, so there’s not just one single solution that can be applied. Unlike a fad diet that may provide an unguaranteed one-shot solution, there are many factors that can determine the success of a medical weight loss plan. This includes things like habits, lifestyle, hormones, and health concerns.

You can be assured that your weight loss goals can be reached with our assistance. Rather than rely on a diet to lose weight, incorporate an extensive weight loss program to get meaningful results. This usually starts with a medically supervised diet that requires several changes. 

What Does A Medically Supervised Diet Include?

An important aspect of a medical weight loss plan is the inclusion of a supervised diet. This requires both the medical professional and patient to collaborate to help reach the desired health goal. Losing weight and getting healthier requires accountability and the continued support of others. We’re here to help you succeed, one meal, one mile, and one day at a time. 

It often starts with making a daily meal plan that accounts for nutrients and caloric intake and restriction. The plan can be adjusted to accommodate the changing needs of the patient as their body and lifestyle change. It also includes behavior modifications, wherein dietary changes and exercise routines should be strongly emphasized. 

If someone wants to have their meals made for them, a pre-packaged meal replacement plan can also work in a supervised diet. This can be done to help bodies get used to small portions and different foods.  In certain cases, pharmacotherapy medications may also be used to achieve weight loss. It’s often suggested to have the patient consulted on this first before moving forward. It’s most effective for patients who have followed diet and exercise plans but have seen fewer results. 

The aim is to make the diet work with your regular routine in order to succeed in significant weight loss. As you progress through the program, our medical professionals will monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, hormones, and any other health conditions. If we see improvements, we’ll revisit your plan and make the necessary adjustments. 

Medically supervised diets are an overall essential part of your weight loss program. The first step begins with the initial consultation, where you lay out your goals and we provide a framework of how you’ll reach them.

What Happens During The First Consultation?

During the first consultation for a medical weight loss plan, our medical professionals will evaluate your overall physical condition, lifestyle, and activity levels. After the assessment is made, we’ll discuss your weight history information and consult you on things such as any existing medical conditions or behavioral/emotional setbacks. We’ll also talk about failed diet attempts and situations where the patient’s weight began to change. 

Essentially, the first consultation is where we want to get to know you to help you as best as we can. An effective medical weight loss plan and supervised diet will get you the results you want to achieve.

 Book a first consultation with our Rebalance NYC team today to take control of your diet and lose weight the right way!

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