PRP therapy has recently emerged as an innovative solution to hair loss – commonly referred to by its medical term of Alopecia – which may be caused by genetic factors, hormonal fluctuations and environmental stressors. ReBalance NYC, a PRP hair growth treatment clinic in Manhattan NY, provides PRP hair growth treatment that leverages the healing powers of platelets found within one’s own blood to promote tissue repair and hair follicle regeneration. This groundbreaking and minimally invasive solution promises to increase blood flow to hair follicles, leading to thicker and healthier strands of hair growth. PRP therapy, supported by clinical observations and studies, not only addresses the root causes of hair loss but provides a natural remedy that’s safe and noninvasive – ReBalance NYC is proud to serve as an industry leader with personalized treatment plans that prioritize safety and hygiene as a hallmark for PRP hair restoration therapy services.

ReBalance NYC provides PRP therapy as part of their hair restoration solutions for several advantages, including patient-centric approaches and personalized plans tailored specifically to individual needs. PRP involves extracting small samples of patient blood, processing it to concentrate the platelets, and then injecting PRP directly onto targeted areas on the scalp for injection into hair follicles to kickstart growth mode; usually, a series of three or six treatments is necessary for the best results; results vary based on the person, but many experiences improved hair thickness and growth within just months, underlining PRP treatments’ effectiveness as an anti-hair loss solution as well as overall wellness enhancer!

Contact ReBalance NYC, your go-to PRP hair growth treatment clinic in Manhattan NY, today and experience the difference this revolutionary treatment can make!

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