Laser Tattoo Removal

When you got your tattoo, you were younger and more impulsive? Perhaps you even went under the inking gun on a dare. Many men report getting tattoos when they were under the influence, while others say they were unhappy with the results right from the start. Now that you found the men’s integrative medicine center in New York, you don’t have to live with your tattoo any longer.

  • Are you embarrassed by the poor artwork that you’re sporting on your arm or chest? Have your tattoos prevented you from landing a better job? Do you have lewd graphics on your skin that no longer reflect who you are? If you’re ready to lose the ink, you can do it now by contacting ReBalance in New York City.
  • Do you get a sinking feeling when you hear horror stories from men who’ve gone to backroom parlors to have their tattoos removed? Are you worried about infection from lasers being misused? You won’t face any major side effects from laser tattoo removal when you rely on the experienced team at ReBalance.
  • As you get older, your tattoo may lose its original shape, distorting what was once a meaningful message or image. People change, lives take unexpected twists and turns. Consider removing your tattoo at ReBalance for men. Schedule a laser treatment today!

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Why Did I Do That?
And How Can I Reverse It?

Americans love to get inked. In fact, about 30 percent of the population have at least one tattoo. Unfortunately, many are unhappy with their tattoos. An astonishing 25 percent of people with tattoos claim to regret ever getting them. The good news is that tattoos aren’t the permanent, life-long commitment that they once were.

If you’re among the growing number of men unhappy with their ink, laser tattoo removal is a safe option. With all of the modern advances in laser technology, the results are much more satisfying than they were just a few years ago. And laser removal also has the added advantages of virtually no downtime or side-effects.

Laser Off Your Tats

The laser that’s used to remove tattoos breaks up the ink deposits under the surface of your skin. High-intensity light acts directly on pigment colors. Black ink is the easiest color to treat because the dark pigment absorbs every laser wavelength. Other tattoo colors are treatable, but lasers specifically targeted towards the pigment color may be required.


Start the process by speaking to one of our expert laser technicians, so that they can evaluate your tattoo and answer any questions that you have.

Since each tattoo is unique and pigments can vary in quality and density, there is no set number of treatments. Several issues factor into this, including:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • The number of colors
  • Its age
  • The color of your skin
  • Its depth
  • The condition of your skin

What to Expect?

While each tattoo differs in some way, other factors remain constant. During your laser removal sessions in NYC, you can expect to be treated to safe and comfortable treatments:

  • Wearing eye protection is mandatory, regardless of the location of your tattoo.
  • The laser specialist tests your skin to gauge how it reacts to the laser., which determine the type of energy that’s most effective for your treatment.
  • The laser delivers intense pulses of light just deep enough into your skin to be absorbed by the tattoo pigment. The laser energy breaks up the pigment into smaller pieces.

Size does matter. The smaller your tattoo, the fewer sessions it requires. But typically, all tattoos require more than a single treatment session. Each session produces noticeable results, and your tattoo becomes lighter and lighter with each visit.

Will It Hurt?

Getting your tattoo probably may have stung at least a little, depending on its location. Getting it removed is going to be slightly uncomfortable, too. Most men don’t require anesthesia, but you may opt for an anesthetic cream that’s applied topically.

Following your session, an antibiotic ointment or cream is applied before the treated area is covered with a bandage. You can apply an ice pack directly to the treated area to soothe any discomfort. Make sure you use a high-SPF sunblock on the area whenever you go outside. Your skin is raw initially, but it heals within several days to a week.

Best Option for Your Circumstance

Laser tattoo removal is a much safer and effective option than alternatives. At-home treatments or lightening creams are not suited for the job of removing a tattoo. Other proven techniques are more invasive, such as:

  • Excision
  • Dermabrasion
  • Salabrasion

It’s imperative to your continued health and well-being that you only receive laser treatments from qualified professionals. If done improperly, lasers can cause burns or lead to hyperpigmentation. The specialists at ReBalance tattoo removal in NYC are licensed and experienced with laser technology.

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