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Gloved hands holding woman's face for PRP Face Treatment New York City, NYAt ReBalance NYC, we offer PRP face treatment in New York City, NY to clients looking to reverse the signs of aging and restore their youthful appearance. Our PRP injections are customized to each patient’s individual needs. Many people in New York choose PRP therapy to improve their skin because it’s fast, easy, painless, and affordable compared to other non-invasive procedures like botox or laser treatments. Contact us at ReBalance NYC for more information!

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (or PRP) is a fancy term for concentrated blood serum. It’s made by taking platelets out of your own blood and separating them from red and white blood cells. Injecting PRP into the skin helps promote growth and tissue regeneration. In short, it heals scars more quickly, reduces wrinkles, and tightens skin. The procedure is relatively painless and takes about 20 minutes. There are no incisions or anesthesia involved so you can resume normal activities immediately after treatment. The best part? You’ll see results in as little as two weeks!

How does it work?

One of ReBalance NYC’s favorite anti-aging procedures is Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) treatment. It’s similar to your own blood plasma except it has a higher concentration of platelets which are responsible for creating new cells and accelerating tissue repair. When a small amount of PRP is injected into an area of concern like frown lines, it triggers your body to create more collagen in that area than it would on its own (collagen is what holds our skin together and helps it maintain volume). The end result? A fuller appearance and firmer skin without surgery. The best part: if you have sagging skin from years of gravity or sun damage, PRP will restore fullness that might have otherwise been lost.

The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes and you can resume your normal activities right after. During PRP treatment at ReBalance NYC, your skin will be numbed using lidocaine and then small holes will be created with a medical needle so that PRP can be injected into affected areas. To increase absorption of PRP in these areas (and also help with any swelling or redness), a cold therapy mask is applied to your face for several minutes afterward.

The Benefits of Getting a PRP facial

A platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is an innovative skincare alternative to injectable treatments such as botox. PRP uses a patient’s own platelets and growth factors (protein molecules released by cells). They increase blood flow to damaged tissues and are potent antioxidants. Platelets also contain many key proteins which help rejuvenate cell structure. Another benefit of using PRP is that it can be stored in a patient’s blood bank for up to 10 years, unlike single-use treatments that must be thrown away after each use.

Side Effects

The side effects of PRP are quite rare, as it is made with your own plasma and injected into your face. Some people do experience a slight bruise or swelling around their injection sites; however, that should go away within two days. Also, if you get an area of hair growth in an unexpected place after treatment (such as on your chin instead of your cheek), that’s called hypertrichosis and can last for up to four months after treatment. Don’t worry, the doctors at ReBalance NYC will help you with all this during your PRP Face Treatment in New York City, NY.

Recovery Time

After a PRP treatment at ReBalance NYC, it’s normal to feel some swelling and inflammation around your face. This is because of increased blood flow to these areas during your treatment. Redness and bruising can also occur for about two weeks after your appointment. It’s crucial that you avoid sun exposure until you’re no longer red or swollen. Most patients see their skin return to its normal state within a few days, but some people take up to three months before seeing results. Patients should expect to wait anywhere from six months to one year before seeing optimal results from their treatments. As long as you are following your doctor’s post-treatment instructions and don’t suffer any setbacks along the way, you should be able to enjoy lasting benefits from your PRP treatment!

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