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How does PRP therapy work? 

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP therapy, is a hair loss treatment that involves taking blood from the patient and extracting plasma from it through a centrifuge, as a PRP hair loss doctor New York City, NY residents trust knows. It is an advanced method of stimulating hair follicles in the scalp to promote growth for patients with thinning or balding hair. The procedure is safe and is a great alternative to hair loss treatments. After the plasma is separated from the scalp, the plasma is then turned into a serum, which is injected in targeted areas on the scalp. After several treatments, patients can expect thicker hair shortly after the completion of treatment. 


Man pulling on hair smiling at PRP Hair Loss Doctor New York City, NYIf you’re looking for a PRP hair loss doctor in New York City, NY to fight issues such as male-pattern baldness, ReBalance NYC offers PRP hair loss treatments that use your own blood to stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss. Our PRP treatment plan uses the latest advances in PRP technology to produce effective results without causing any pain or downtime. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve thick, healthy hair that will last.


What Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy?


Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) is a concentrated form of plasma rich in growth factors. It is extracted from your own blood and infused into your scalp to promote hair growth. While modern medicine has developed many effective treatments for hair loss, PRP Therapy has been gaining traction as a method that can effectively improve both hair health and density. However, before you consider undergoing PRP treatment there are several important questions you should ask a doctor about how it will affect your situation. In order to help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions or concerns about PRP therapy for hair loss, please contact us at ReBalance NYC today!


What Does PRP Do For Your Hair?


Because it works by increasing blood flow to your scalp, PRP can help stimulate hair growth. This treatment can be used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments to make them more effective. It has been shown to improve hair regrowth and retention in people who suffer from alopecia, male-pattern baldness, and even female-pattern hair loss. Not everyone is a good candidate for PRP therapy, but those who do opt for it often see positive results within six months or less.Moreover, the reasons as to why hair loss ends up happening, are also something that should be taken into consideration as well. What this would help to do, is it would help to break down the situation in such a way, where a person can better understand the reasons for the hairless loss, which would aid in determining the kind of hair loss treatment that is needed for what needs to be carried out.  For example; one of the strongest reasons as to why people end up suffering from hair loss is due to stress. Moreover, there are many reasons as to why such a great amount of stress can happen, that hair loss ends up being caused.  Examples of this include the loss of a family, overworking, bitterness and unforgiveness, unresolved trauma, and more.  In other words, when hair loss issues happen because of issues such as these, it is important to remember, that while getting hair loss work for the issues may be important, that will not get rid of the core issue at hand, which focuses on dealing with the stress and/of trauma, that the individual is dealing with. Moreover, stress aside, another common reason that hair loss can occur is because of old age. We all age eventually, but there are people who want to keep their hair, even as they grow older. As such, hair loss work can be implemented and carried out, to accommodate for this.If you’re interested in PRP as a way to deal with your own hair loss issues, contact a PRP hair loss doctor in New York City, NY at ReBalance NYC today!


How Often Should I Get Treatment?


It is important to treat hair loss with PRP therapy when you notice it because early treatment gives patients a better chance of retaining their hair. The frequency of treatments will vary by individual. During a consultation, we will discuss what is best for you and your unique case. Most people start seeing improvements in as little as two weeks after starting treatment with PRP therapy. The longer you wait to begin treatment, however, there are fewer results that can be achieved. Overall, patients typically see improvement within three months. Again, each person is different, though, so results may vary.


What Happens During The Procedure?


PRP hair loss treatment can be performed in a medical office. The PRP serum is made in-house and used on your scalp. A small amount of blood will be drawn from your arm and mixed with platelet-rich plasma (which contains various growth factors). The mixture will then be injected into your scalp using a very fine needle. It may take several injections to get optimal results for any given area of thinning hair. Treatment options vary depending on each individual’s needs. This is why it is important for an individual to know the kind of work that will be done. As such, consultations would focus on asking questions, pertaining to the severity of one’s hair loss, how long the hairless has been going on for, what kind of hair loss treatment work that they are looking for specifically, and more. These are some factors that should be taken into consideration.




If you’re interested in trying PRP therapy for hair loss but you’re hesitant to actually schedule a consultation with a PRP hair loss doctor New York City, NY residents trust, it’s time to ask yourself why you’re resisting this no-risk opportunity. Scheduling a consultation doesn’t commit you to investing in PRP therapy, it is simply a chance for you to speak with a physician about whether this treatment option may be a good fit for your circumstances.Are you resisting the idea of speaking with someone at ReBalance NYC because you’ve heard negative things about PRP therapy? This treatment is certainly not the best approach for everyone but it can be transformative for those who are good candidates for the procedure. It is possible that you may have simply heard a myth about PRP through the grapevine. Our New York City PRP hair loss doctor team has discovered that dispelling these myths can be very helpful to those who are good candidates for PRP therapy but are nervous to give it a try. Read through the following myths and clarifications to see if doing so allows you to feel better about scheduling a consultation with our team:


Myth: PRP Is Only Used for Injuries


PRP can be used to treat damaged tissue. For example, some athletes use PRP therapy to speed healing and recovery, especially when they need to take advantage of a particularly time-sensitive opportunity and simply can’t wait for their tissue to heal on its own. However, many different kinds of patients (with many different health concerns) can benefit from PRP, as platelet processes affect virtually every area of the body regularly anyway.


Myth: PRP Really Hurts


PRP can cause some discomfort but it is rare that it causes patients pain. Sometimes, PRP is used to speed repair in sex organ tissue, injured tendons and ligaments, and other unusually sensitive areas. If you’ve heard that PRP really hurts, chances are that you’ve heard that concern voiced by someone who had PRP therapy for a more sensitive area of the body than the scalp.


Myth: PRP Isn’t Effective


While it is true that PRP therapy isn’t effective for all patients, it can be extremely effective for good candidates for this type of therapy. This is one of the main reasons why it is so important to speak with an experienced New York City PRP hair loss doctor about your unique needs and medical situation before committing to this therapy. If you’re a good candidate, scheduling PRP sessions with the team at ReBalance NYC could be great for you. If not, an alternative therapy may serve you better.

Myth: PRP Is Too Expensive


PRP therapy can become somewhat expensive if a patient needs to return for multiple sessions and their finances are tight to begin with. When considering whether this therapy is right for your situation, consider how much the results you are seeking are worth to you and see if your budget can accommodate whatever that cost may be. If treatment estimates don’t exceed that cost, it may be affordable for your circumstances.



Why Choose ReBalance NYC for Your PRP Hair Loss Therapy?


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a treatment that uses your own blood platelets to stimulate hair growth and regrowth. It is an innovative, minimally invasive, and natural approach to treating hair loss in men and women of all ages. If you are frustrated with the lack of results or are looking for additional support for your current treatments, then PRP may be right for you. Learn more about what makes ReBalance NYC one of the most experienced practices in New York City when it comes to PRP treatments as well as our other services. Contact a PRP hair loss doctor in New York City, NY at ReBalance NYC today!


What makes PRP therapy different from other treatments? 


PRP therapy uses your own blood and cells, and does not rely on the use of foreign substances. The plasma that is taken from your blood contains properties that promote the growth of new, healthy hair. No foreign bodies are injected in your scalp, which reduces the chance of your body rejecting the treatment. There are reduced chances of you experiencing side effects after receiving PRP therapy for hair loss. It is also a quicker method, and patients often see results right away. The procedure has been effective for many types of clients who have varying degrees of hair loss. 


Does PRP therapy work for all hair loss conditions? 


Not everyone is a candidate for PRP therapy, so you will need to meet with a doctor so that they can examine your scalp and suggest treatments for you. As a trained and qualified New York City PRP hair loss doctor can explain, when PRP therapy is administered early right when the signs of hair loss are first beginning to show, it has a much higher success rate and can produce better, more noticeable results. Learn more about PRP therapy and if it will be effective for you by requesting a consultation with a trained and qualified hair doctor. 


How should I prepare for a session? 


To prepare for your session, be sure that you are hydrated, have eaten enough, and are well rested. Make sure that your hair is washed and clean prior to your first session, but do not use hair products that can leave residue on the scap. When you come into the office for your first consultation, the doctor will evaluate your condition and see how to best structure the treatment. If you have any questions or concerns about the procedure, feel free to ask the doctor. Take a deep breath and stay relaxed throughout the session so that you can have a much smoother experience. 


What is the recovery period like?


Recovery after receiving PRP therapy treatment can take several days. The doctor will inform you of steps to take and what to avoid as you recover from your session. Be sure not to put anything on your scalp such as ice for 72 hours as your scalp heals so that it is not irritated. You are advised not to take a hot shower, or go to a spa or sauna. You will also not be allowed to go swimming or use harsh hair products for a few days. If you experience any redness, burning or other signs of irritation, notify a New York City PRP hair loss doctor and they will advise you on additional steps to take. 


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